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How to support the arts in Indiana

Your voice matters. Use this guide for ideas on how you can you use your voice to let friends, family, and local leaders know about the benefits of the arts.

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  • Economy

    The arts are a significant economic driver, contributing $8.4 billion annually to Indiana’s economy. Over 160,000 Hoosiers are employed in the creative economy. Nearly 60% of these are entrepreneurs running small businesses.

    The arts increase property values. Neighborhoods adjacent to the Madison Arts and Cultural District saw a huge upswing in real estate transfers in 2017 as residents relocate to the downtown due to interesting real estate, lively environment, and walkability of the district.

    The arts create economic growth. Tippecanoe County landed businesses including Rolls Royce and GE Aviation as results from the community's focus on quality of place like the Tippecanoe Arts and Cultural District. 

    68% of tourism in the United States is driven by the arts. In Rensselaer, Indiana mural projects have been instrumental to increasing tourism and community prosperity.

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  • Education

    When artists are present in the classroom, students show improvement in engagement, collaboration, and confidence, along with gains in core curriculum areas.

    Arts education improves a student’s academic skills, lower’s dropout rate, supports learning of low-income and underserved populations, improves attendance rates, promotes conflict resolution, and provides an opportunity for inclusion with individuals of varied socioeconomic statuses, culture, or language.

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  • Health and Wellness

    The arts support the social lives of elders. A 2015 study reviewed data from more than three hundred thousand people over a seven-year period and found that individuals with good social relationships were more than twice as likely to continue to thrive than people with poor social relationships.

    40% of people feel more positive about their community after taking part in the arts. The Bloomington Entertainment and Arts District stimulated over 15,000 square feet of new murals in the community in 2017 alone.

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  • Infrastructure

    Arts and community development result in greater tax revenues. Indiana Cultural Districts reported over $392 million of investments and revitalization projects in or nearby the district boundaries in 2018. The most commonly reported additions to cultural districts in 2018 were restaurants, arts facilities, housing, historic renovations, mixed use development, public infrastructure, and real estate services. 

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