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About Advocacy

Simply stated, advocacy is the act of expressing support for a cause, idea or policy. It may be useful to think of advocacy as one way of educating the public about the arts:

  • Education includes activities like sharing research about the impact of the arts, raising public awareness about the effects of the arts or pointing out how public funds for the arts are put to use in your community. This also may include educating elected officials about the arts as an issue.
  • Advocacy is education that adds one small—but important!—element, asserting that the arts should be an important part of public policy. Advocacy includes communicating about how government can better support the arts or how policy decisions can affect the arts. It also includes establishing relationships with elected officials, to let them know that you have arts expertise to offer should it become useful to their policy deliberations.

Where to Start

There's a plethora of information related to the impact of the arts in every day life. We've rounded up some of the highlights. 


Bridget Eckert
Communications and Community Engagement Manager
Indiana Arts Commission


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