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Search Tips
  1. Company�s First Name/Person�s Last Name

  2. Avoid using punctuation.
    Examples: apostrophe, comma, hyphen, or period

    Do not search by "A", "An", or "The" as part of a company name.
    Examples: The Body Shop - it would be best to search by "Body Shop"

    When searching for "Persons" search by last name first.
    Example: John Smith will be searched by Smith John

    If your search still comes back with no records found try broadening your search by using one word such as "Shop" or "Smith". The answer page should come back with a list of records from which you can select.

  3. Searching for cities or towns in violation should be entered by name of first.

  4. Example: City of Alexandria - the search will be for Alexandria City, or Alexandria

  5. Case Number

  6. If you know the Office of Enforcement Case Number you will need to search by the middle 4 digits.
    Example: 1999-3573-A - the search will be on '3753'

  7. Old Case Number

  8. All old case numbers, except Air cases, will be searched by letter first. Please use the Key below.
    Examples: B-2185, H-13519, PW-1087, SW-349, & UST-4

    A - Air
    B - Water
    H - Hazardous
    PW - Public Water
    SW- Solid Waste
    UST - Underground Storage Tank

    Old Air case numbers are searched by number only.
    Example: A-3492 - the search will be on '3492'

  9. Time Period

  10. The Time Period available is January 1, 1997 through Present for the following Actions/Orders:
    *Notice of Violation
    *Agreed Order
    *Commissioner�s Order
    *Emergency Order

For questions about these reports or reports prior to 1997, Please contact the proper department:
Air, Goldie Roberts, (317) 233-5523
Land, Donna Bates (317) 233-5529
Water, Rose Wheat (317) 233-5525

IDEM Indiana Department of Environmental Management
Indiana Government Center North
100 N. Senate
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2251
Phone: (317) 232-8603 or 1-800-451-6027 (Toll-free in Indiana)