IDEM Permit Wizard
Permit Wizard

About the IDEM Permit Wizard
Welcome to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management's Permit Wizard. Using a series of question-and-answer pages, the Wizard provides customized information to help you obtain the environmental permits necessary to start and operate your Indiana-based business. With a small investment of time, the Permit Wizard will help you to:

  • Determine licensing, permitting and regulatory requirements;
  • Obtain necessary application forms;
  • Identify who to contact with questions regarding environmental regulatory requirements;
  • Provide Web links to additional guidance, fact sheets, and pages in the IDEM Permit Guide.

Using the Permit Wizard
The Permit Wizard is easy to use. Simply answer the questions that appear on your screen, starting by selecting any of the three "media area" from the list below.

  • File land permits?
  • File water permits?
  • File air permits?

Many facilities require permits from two or more media categories. Click on the first media area to begin, and continue forward until you answer all the questions.

After a series of questions, a "shopping list" of permits you may need will be prepared as you answer the questions. Continue until you have visited all three areas. Your customized information will be contained in a results page that can be saved, printed or bookmarked for future reference.

Expect to spend anywhere from 5-15 minutes per media area.

To determine if you need permits from the Department of Natural Resources, visit the DNR Water Permit Application

Your browser must have cookies enabled for the Permit Wizard to work properly. The Wizard uses Session "cookies" to create a customized result page based on your responses to questions. A cookie is information stored on a user's computer by a Web site so preferences and session information are remembered on future requests. The cookies do not contain any confidential information.


  • The Permit Wizard is intended to provide background information which should be useful in planning for a particular project that may require an environmental permit. Results obtained through the Permit Wizard represent a starting point; they do not substitute for consultation with the appropriate regulatory agency and/or the appropriate rules or statute.
  • When reviewing your results page, be aware that the list of licensing, permitting and regulatory requirements may not be complete. Depending on your specific business type and geographic location, additional federal and local regulations may apply.