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  • View any outstanding issues/problems that could prevent you from qualifying for state aid and action you should take, if applicable, to resolve them.
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  • Calculate the estimated award amount you would be eligible to receive at any eligible school.
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 Problem Accessing eStudent?

  1. I received the following error message when registering a new account: “Your Social Security number, date of birth, zip code, or last name does not match the information submitted on your FAFSA. If this was your first time filing the FAFSA please allow 5-7 days to register for eStudent.”

  2. The password I was given after resetting my password is not working—what should I do?

  3. Why am I seeing a preliminary award under the “Award Notification” tab?

  4. I’m switching colleges—when should I update my college choice?

  5. I have updated my school of choice, but my college says it cannot view my financial aid eligibility.

  6. Why did my award amount change when updating my college choice?

  7. Why is my email address associated with someone else’s account?

  8. I believe some of the information in eStudent may be incorrect—what can I do?

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