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BMV 90 Password Reset Function and Account Management

A new Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) 90 day password reset policy for IN.gov BMV Enhanced Access Subscribers was implemented on 07/14/2011. This new policy is in place for continued security for the BMV records which protects personal driver and vehicle information for all Hoosiers.

Upon login to the BMV Record Search application you will be asked to setup three security profile questions. Setting up the security profile questions enables you to use these later to allow you to get a new password in case you forget your current password or your password expires. After you have setup your security questions the 90 day password reset policy issued by the BMV will begin. Ten days prior to your password expiration you will receive an email that states your password will expire and indicate that you will need to change your password.

For more details on the BMV Record Search application account management, click here.