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Account Agreements

Terms and Conditions

Services Offered

  • Access to online services and databases that are considered IN.gov Services for which a per-transaction fee is charged.
  • Access available seven (7) days a week, twenty-four (24) hours a day.
  • Current IN.gov Services and associated fees can be found here.

Customer Responsibilities

  • Customer Contact.
    Customer shall designate a contact person (“Customer Contact”) who is authorized by the Customer to (1) add and remove users, (2) notify IN.gov of any change to the person who the Customer identifies as the contact person to handle billing matters, (3) monitors usernames and passwords and prevents sharing of such, and (4) receive notices and communications from IN.gov relative to this agreement.
  • Users
    Users are those employees or agents of Customer duly authorized by Customer to access IN.gov services.

Conditions for Use of IN.gov Services

  • Protection of Username and Passwords
    In.gov will assign Usernames and passwords to Customer’s users. Each user on your account must utilize a separate user ID and password. It is important you do not share this information with others in your organization
  • Per transaction charges for Premium Services
    Customer acknowledges that there is a per-transaction charge for the Premium services provided.
  • Bureau of Motor Vehicle records
    This agreement does not authorize Customer to access Bureau of Motor Vehicle records containing personal indentifying information.
    An additional agreement must be submitted by Customer for access to such information. (click here for more information)

Term and Termination by Customer

  • Conditioned upon Customer's compliance, the agreement shall continue until:
    Terminated by IN.gov
    Cancelled by Customer upon 30 days written notice to IN.gov
  • Customer shall remain liable for all transaction charges incurred through the effective date of termination.No refund of the annual subscription fee will be made if Customer terminated this agreement  during the year for which the fee was charged.