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Billing Information

Billing Questions

Q. How can I get a copy of my invoice, billing summary or statement?
To access your account, log in to our Customer Utilities here.

Minimum Monthly Invoicing Fee

  • There is a $15 minimum fee for customers who choose to pay for their IN.gov services by mailed invoice.
  • Subscribers who pay by credit card, debit card or direct debit are charged only the actual amount of their monthly activity.
  • Visa or MasterCard credit cards are accepted. Debit cards may be used only if the card contains the Visa or MasterCard logo.

Contact the IN.gov Customer Service to update payment information.


Payments sent by mail need to be addressed to the PO Box address listed on the monthly invoice. Please remember to include your IN.gov remittance stub with your payment.
If payment is received without the IN.gov stub there will be a delay in applying payment to the account.

If sending in a remittance for multiple accounts, please notate the account numbers with the amount remitted for the appropriate account. For example:

Acct#888888  $15
Acct#123456  $40

Monthly Account Agreement Cancellation Policy

IN.gov subscriptions will be cancelled upon receiving written notice of the cancellation.
The monthly account agreement may be cancelled by Customer with at least 30 days notice in writing to IN.gov in advance of the agreement's anniversary date or renewal date. If cancellation occurs after the anniversary/renewal date the annual fee will be billed. If you would like to cancel your company's monthly account agreement, you will need to mail or fax us a completed cancellation form.

Cancellation Notice Form

Contact/Administrator Change Policy

All requests to change a subscription contact person or administrator must be provided to IN.gov in writing.
Please fax or mail us the following information on your company's letterhead:

• The IN.gov account number
• The home address of the business
• The name of the current administrator
•The name, phone number and email address of the new administrator