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IN.gov Updated Agreement Questions

IN.gov Updated Agreement Questions & Answers

Why would I need to have the Enhanced Service and what does it cost?
Enhanced Access allows customers who are approved by the BMV to gain access to personal information that is protected by the Indiana Drivers Privacy Protection Act, see Indiana Code 9-14-13. This is a free upgrade to the Industry Groups offered in the agreement.
If I have a problem with my username or password, who should I call?
If it is an IN.gov secured application, contact IN.gov Customer Service. If it is an application supported by the agency (example: BMV – MyBMV, SOS – Interim Plates), contact the state agency directly.
How do I sign into IN.gov so I can start using my account?
Once you have accessed the website for your desired service, you will be prompted to login with your IN.gov username and password. This prompt will vary based on the service you are accessing.
How do I add more users to my account? Is there an additional cost?
Click here to complete the form to add users to your account. You are entitled to 10 users with your paid subscription. Each increment of up to 10 users requires an additional subscription charge of $95.00.
I’m confused on “Invoice Billing” and “Automatic Billing”; will I still receive a mailed invoice?
With Invoice Billing, you will receive a mailed paper invoice for each month that you have transactions.  If the total transactions fees incurred in a single calendar month are less than $15.00, the difference between the total minimum monthly fee ($15.00) and the actual transaction fees incurred by account will be shown as a "Minimum monthly fee" on your monthly invoice. This minimum monthly $15.00 fee will not be applied to your account for any calendar month in which no charges are incurred by the account.With Automatic Billing your credit card/debit card, or ACH information you have provided will be charged each month for the total of all charges incurred. A paper invoice will not be sent to you. At any time you can access the Invoice Billing information & the Automatic Billing Statements, Detailed Billing and Invoices by logging into your IN.gov account located here . Complete the login, select the Reports icon, then select the type of billing you wish to see or reprint for your records.
What is a Client ID?
The Client ID Field is an optional field created to assist subscribers with tracking, such as allocating expenses incurred while conducting searches. The user determines what is inputted in the field, such as a customer name, account number, or department name. Billing summaries for Client IDs can be viewed anytime online here. These summaries do not appear on monthly statements. The Client ID field has no effect on any subscriber services.
How do I view charges for my entire account?
You can view your Billing Summary, Generic Statement or Single Paper Invoice here. Once you are logged in, insert the month you wish to view and click on generate..