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Christmas in Santa Claus

Visit the place that put Santa Claus on the map, literally.

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Family Fun
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Santa Claus Museum & Village, Santa Claus Christmas Store, Holly Tree Christmas Shop, Santa's Lodge, Santa Claus Post Office , Santa's Candy Castle , St. Nick's Restaurant, Lake Rudolph Campground and RV Resort , Santa's Lakeside Cottages, Silent Night Vacation and Golf Rentals
3 days
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Allow 1-3 days.

Santa Claus, Indiana lives up to its name. Visitors can enjoy Christmas-themed attractions year round in Spencer County.

Where Santa goes for holiday fun
Don't miss the Santa Claus Museum & Village  to learn about the history of the town of Santa Claus. Looking for gift ideas? Stop by the Santa Claus Christmas Store  and Holly Tree Christmas Shop  , for ornaments, decorations and souvenirs.

Fun with Santa
Enjoy three weekends of family fun during the Santa Claus Christmas Celebration. Have dinner with Santa at Santa’s Lodge    drive through Lake Rudolph’s 1.2 mile Santa Claus Land of Lights to learn about the shining story of Rudolph and watch Santa’s Great Big LED Tree of Lights come to life hourly. Don’t forget to visit Santa Claus Arts & Crafts show .

Write a letter to Santa. Then mail your wish list to the Santa Claus Post Office and receive the exclusive Santa Claus postmark.

Where Santa goes when he's tired of milk and cookies and needs a nap

Roast chestnuts on an open fire and see the Christmas wood carving demonstrations at Santa's Candy Castle  . Opened in 1935, the shop was the first themed attraction in the United States. For dinner, check out St. Nick's Restaurant at Santa's Lodge  .

Lake Rudolph Campground & R.V. Resort   offer cabin rentals during the winter season as well as a colorful display of lights throughout the holiday season. Other local lodging includes Santa's Lodge  and Santa's Cottages  . For special off season rates stay at the Silent Night Vacation and Golf Rentals .


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Santa Claus Museum & Village
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Santa Claus Christmas Store
Holly Tree Christmas Shop
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Santa's Lodge
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Santa Claus Post Office
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Santa's Candy Castle
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St. Nick's Restaurant
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Lake Rudolph Campground and RV Resort
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Santa's Lakeside Cottages
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Silent Night Vacation and Golf Rentals
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