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Hiking Backpacks and Hiking Equipment from Porter, IN Get out and enjoy nature to the fullest with superior hiking backpacks and hiking equipment from R & D Marketing Solutions Inc. in beautiful Porter, IN. Our hiking and camping gear will have you out of the office and onto the trails in no time. Get Reacquainted with Nature Maybe you used to hike a lot, but life and other obligations got in the way. Or perhaps you've never ventured out to explore. Whether you live on the shores of Lake Michigan like us or near any wooded area suited for recreation, we are here to remind you of the diverse and magical habitat that exists outdoors and support you in having a safe and extraordinary experience. Functional for All Levels Activities like hiking and camping are not only mentally refreshing, but great and fun ways to get exercise. We have appropriate hiking equipment for both simple, leisurely day hikes and longer, more rigorous backpacking trips.