Triple Crown Crawls

Triple Crown Trip: Tour Maximum: 15 people Time Needed Per Group: 2 days=4 ½ hours on Saturday evening and 51/2 -6 hours Sunday (includes check-in, prep,clean-up and lunch time Sat) bring your own sack lunch. Trip Includes: On Saturday (Crawl Simulator, and seven crawls including Masher Crawl) On Sunday (Underground Adventure and Waterfall Crawl tours( thru Blowing Bat Crawl) Trip Involves: crouching, mandatory hand and knee and belly crawling, some climbing including ladder and wading underground stream 6”-2' deep Difficulty: moderate-very hard Note: Must check in Saturday at 3:00 pm to set up camp, Activities begin at 4:30 Cost of $99.00 per person.

  • Admission charged