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Dec 17 12

Making Sense of Web Analytics – 2012 New Media Workshop [#VIDEO]

by Jeremy Williams

The Indiana Office of Tourism Development recently hosted the 2012 New Media Workshop with a session called Making Sense of Web Analytics. Jeremy Williams presented an overview of web analytics in general (specifically focusing on Google Analytics). With the help of our friends at 12 Stars Media, we filmed the presentation and have embedded the [...]

Jun 5 12

5 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Website RIGHT NOW

by Jeremy Williams

If you’re like most companies, you have a website. You probably also don’t┬áhave a mobile website. While this may not have been a big problem even last year, it’s quickly becoming extremely important to have a functional mobile version of your website ready for your customers. Here are the top five reasons why: 1. More [...]

Dec 6 11

2011 New Media Workshop – Video

by Jeremy Williams

On December 1, our office hosted our second annual New Media Workshop. This year’s workshop focused solely on the power of incorporating video into your marketing efforts. Our three presenters (find their presentations below) go through the whys and hows of video and even provide a case study (The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis). For more [...]

Sep 30 11

Niche App for Travel and Guides: Gowalla (#Tourism)

by Jeremy Williams

**UPDATE – Gowalla has been purchased by Facebook and the service will shut down at the end of January, 2012** Gowalla is a location-based app that, until last week, shared a lot of similarities with Foursquare – the leading location-based app today. First launched about two and a half years ago, Gowalla has steadily grown [...]

Sep 29 11

New Niche App for Sharing Links and Photos: Pinterest (#Tourism)

by Jeremy Williams

At its core, Pinterest is a social bookmarking site similar to Delicious or SpringPad, but where Pinterest differs (and where they really shine) is how their bookmarks are organized. Rather than saving a list of text links, Pinterest is 100% image-based. The visual nature of Pinterest creates a clean and easily browsable interface that can [...]