Delicious Trip Ideas

Get Your Knife and Fork Ready for Delicious Trips!

You don’t really have to pack your own silverware, but we do hope you’ll pack a healthy appetite! We invite you to travel any of six new Delicious Trips identified by the writers at Midwest Living magazine. Click on the links below to find the trail by region and to download recipe books. You’ll find out what’s really in shoofly pie and what makes a Hoosier tenderloin so irresistible. Hungry trails to you!

Delicious Trips by Region

North Region

Taste of Amish Country – Includes eight delicious recipes. The Amish are frugal and practical, yet creative and resourceful. Enjoy their simple pleasures.

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East Region

Sweet & Savory Tastes – You’ll find Indiana’s official state pie – sugar cream – on this trail, as well as chocolate treats and upscale farm-to-table dining.

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Central Region

Classic Tastes – In Central Indiana you’ll find flavors reminiscent of the nation’s sixth-oldest state fair as well as the famous checkered flag.

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West Region

Fresh is Best – Homemade just tastes better, whether it’s apple crisp, ice cream or blueberry surprise. Find out the difference “fresh from the farm“ makes.

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South Central Region

Small-Town Flavors – In the small towns of this region, sample flavors that make you think of a picnic, from zippy BBQ ribs to just-picked peach desserts.

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South Region

Comfort-Food Trail – What’s comfort food? Here it’s a wide variety including hearty German fare, down-home cooking and the exquisite taste of goat’s milk cheese.

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