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About Cynthia Roush

Cynthia Roush is a junior Strategic Communications major with a Media, Rhetoric, and Culture minor at Butler University. She loves traveling, sports, and spending time with family friends. She grew up the small town of Hillsboro, Ohio and loves getting to explore and see everything Indianapolis has to offer.

Food Bliss at the Emporium

When figuring out what to write this blog about, I asked my friend what she’d like to read. She told me to write about the one restaurant in Indianapolis that I would recommend if I could only give someone one Read more >

Drive-In in Decatur

Arnold's Drive-In View from the Street

In Decatur, Indiana there is a time machine that will take you back to the 1950’s and have you asking for a second helping of fries. I found it because long drives require breaks every now and then. Recently, on one of Read more >

Fall Festivities in Fortville

Just a few minutes out of Fortville, Indiana, about a 40-minute drive from Indianapolis, there is a farm known for its Christmas trees. “Whoa,” you’re thinking, “This blog is a few months too early. I’m focused on fall.” Don’t worry, Read more >

Downtown Indianapolis Discoveries

“One…two…, just one two-headed eagle guarding the cathedral,” my friend said, shielding her eyes from the sun and gazing up at the towering Scottish Rite Cathedral above us. My other friend wrote the number down on our packet of papers Read more >