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Sweeten Your Holiday at the Conner Prairie’s Gingerbread Village

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Connor Prairie Logo

Conner Prairie, located in Fishers, is one of the most interesting and thrilling locations throughout the state.  Not a month passes without an exciting and new attraction, exhibit, or activity.  This holiday season is no exception.  With so many opportunities at Conner Prairie, it can be hard to pick one or two to fit into your schedule.  This year, my favorite is the Gingerbread Village.

From December 1st to January 2nd, the Gingerbread Village is on display with nearly 40 fascinating gingerbread creations from adults, families, and youth groups.  Designs include interesting concepts like a hamburger, a giant mug hot chocolate, the Hogwarts School, a Fisher-Price house, the Emerald City and replicas of locations throughout Conner Prairie.  The creators behind these masterpieces even include their individual stories behind the making of each structure.

Also at the Gingerbread Village, you can participate in a winter since lab experiments like building a gingerbread house out of logs and planks, drawing a six-sided snowflake in a symmetry activity, and creating a life-like scale model gingerbread-person puppet to take home.  A tour of the entire Gingerbread Village is also available as well as a scavenger hunt for hidden treasures in each house.

The holiday season always bring out the kid in me, even at the age of 22.  Conner Prairie is still one of those places that makes me feel like a 7 year old little girl who can barely sleep on Christmas Eve.  The Gingerbread Village at Conner Prairie embodies all that holiday cheer and excitement… for any aged kid, young and old

For more information on Conner Prairie, visit the official website.

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