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Indianapolis to host Super Bowl in 2012

The votes are in and Indianapolis is officially the host city for the 2012 Super Bowl! Just 5 short years after the Colts’ first Super Bowl win after moving to Indianapolis, the city will host the Super Bowl. This is a bid that has been nearly two years in the making and, after a narrow 17-15 defeat last year, the city can begin preparations to be only the 4th “cold weather” city to host a Super Bowl. Congratulations to Indianapolis and the Super Bowl 2012 committee.

Who knows, by 2012, there could be some Indiana college grads playing in the Super Bowl! What do you think?

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Written by : Jeremy formerly worked for the Indiana Tourism office and managed the digital and social media initiatives for the office while he was there. He currently helps develop digital and social strategies for clients and still enjoys traveling throughout Indiana with his family. You can follow Jeremy personally via Twitter (@JeremyAWilliams) and at his Social Mediarology blog.