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Many know us as basketball fanatics, and we do love our hoops! In fact, sports of all kinds reign supreme, so we’re a great place to visit for professional, collegiate, high school or recreational sports. Indiana is the 15th most populous state in the nation. Our residents make their livings in manufacturing, agriculture, education and other industries. The terrain varies greatly from the sandy beaches of Lake Michigan to the rolling hills in southern Indiana and the lush farmland in between. Between those borders lie areas both urban and rural, with plenty to do from amusement parks and hiking to wine trails and nightlife. Learn more about Indiana with the following links.


Changing seasons are part of our charm! Find out what to pack.

Time Zones

Indiana observes Eastern and Central time zones. Check here for which time zone you'll be visiting.


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Fun Facts

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Famous Hoosiers

Meet Letterman, Lincoln, Larry and a long list of other famous Hoosiers.

State Emblems

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Local Visitor Resources

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