Senator Brent Waltz's 2013 Legislative Survey

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*Due to recent redistricting by the Indiana General Assembly, you may now be represented by a new legislator. To verify that you are taking the survey for the correct senator, please visit our district lookup service here. After you have verified your legislator, please press the back button to return to this page.
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2. 1. Indiana is projected to have a budget surplus next year. Do you favor A) returning the surplus to taxpayers, or B) using it to increase funding for state services?
A. Return the surplus to the taxpayers
B. Use the surplus to increase funding to state services
3. 2. Do you support or oppose requiring law enforcement to collect a DNA sample from criminal suspects in addition to their fingerprints?
4. 3. Do you support or oppose increasing state spending to hire more staff for the state’s child-abuse reporting hotline, in order to reduce wait times?
5. 4. Do you support or oppose giving more state funding to public colleges that meet performance goals like improving on-time graduation rates?
6. 5. Would you support or oppose a local increase in taxes to improve Indianapolis mass transit?
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