Remediation Program Customer Satisfaction Survey

Indiana Department of Environmental Management Office of Land Quality

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IDEM is interested in providing the best possible service to its customers. We continually strive to be clear, consistent and speedy in our efforts to administer our regulatory duties. Providing constructive feedback to our program managers is invaluable to their efforts to provide quality service to you, our customers. Please take the time to provide us your thoughts on our performance and suggestions on how we might improve our service. Please feel free to answer any or all of the questions below.

General Information

1. What Remediation Programs do you work with?
State Cleanup
Leaking Underground Storage Tanks / Excess Liability Trust Fund
Voluntary Remediation
Site Investigations
RCRA Corrective Action
2. How many sites do you work on with IDEM at any one time?
5 or less
5 to 10
10 or more
3. Select your position in regards to the remediation:
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