Indiana Clean Boater Pledge

State Form 53581 (R4 / 9-21)

As a recreational boater supportive of the Indiana Clean Marina Program, I pledge to be a steward of Indiana’s waters. I will read the Clean Boater Tip Sheets and use the recommended best management practices to protect our aquatic resources. I will further ensure all passengers aboard my watercraft follow these best management practices, and I will encourage other boaters to be stewards of Indiana’s waters as well.

Specifically, as an Indiana Clean Boater, I pledge to do my part to:

  • Keep our waters free of litter by recycling or properly disposing of trash;
  • Prevent spills of fuel and engine fluids by adopting proper watercraft fueling and maintenance practices;
  • Stop the spread of aquatic invasive species by using Clean, Drain, Dry;
  • Prevent discharges of sewage by using restrooms, pump outs, and dump stations;
  • Protect sensitive shallow water habitats by obeying no-wake zones;
  • Minimize other adverse impacts to the environment, including cleaning and winterizing my watercraft in an environmentally sensitive manner;
  • Support the Clean Marina Program, including utilizing designated Clean Marinas when practical; and
  • Serve as a Clean Boating ambassador to my passengers and other recreational boaters.
1. First Name of Recreational Boater
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7. Favorite Marina or Body of Water
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