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General Information

The Fairgrounds Mission

To preserve and enhance the Indiana State Fairgrounds and the annual Indiana State Fair for the benefit of all citizens of Indiana.

The Fairgrounds Mission

To be a premier year-round gathering place that maximizes its resources to host a wide range of diverse activities.  To be recognized as the best State Fair in the country, showcasing agriculture & youth in an educational, entertaining and safe environment.

The Fairgrounds Core Values

We believe in:
• Operating in a safe and environmentally conscious manner
• Agriculture and food as our foundation
• Investing in and nurturing our customers, our personnel and our facilities
• Fiscal responsibility
• Building family memories and traditions for future generations
• Responsible stewardship of this historic and treasured state institution
• Constant innovation and dynamic, relevant presentations

The Fairgrounds Culture

The Indiana State Fair Commission has a culture unlike that of many private businesses as well as other State government agencies. While operating as a business with a focus on revenue, we are a community partner that operates with integrity and a sense of caring for others – even when no one is looking. Agriculture is the foundation of this cherished century-and-a-half old institution which we take pride in preserving and enhancing. We are ethical, courteous and considerate in our business decisions. We take a ‘can-do’ approach to customer service as we create family memories for the citizens of Indiana.