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Trip Tips

Our visitors tell us they spend about 4-6 hours exploring the fairgrounds, visiting our Livestock Barns, huge midway and satisfying their sweet tooth on our delicious Fair Food!  To optimize your time at the fair we have created specialized itineraries to help accommodate young families to teens to the annual State Fair visitor.  Also feel free to customize your own Fair visit as you learn more about our 2014 activities at this website!

Big Fun, Little Kids: Allow Four hours

This itinerary is set up for families traveling with many little ones.
• The Glass Barn: A great place to start your trip with high tech, interactive programs that are a must to see and learn about where our food comes from in this brand new building.
• Stop at the Greenhouse and help the kids make a Take Out garden and learn about planting this fall!
• Snack Time: Stop by any of our many concessions stands between the Farm Bureau Building and the Family Fun Park for a delicious Fair treat! There are kids’ meals in the Family Fun Park as well.
• Family Fun Park: The family fun park is loaded with live shows, animals and hands-on fun, and of course, Little Hands on the Farm. There really is something for everyone at this stop.
• Kiddieland Midway:  With over a dozen kiddie carnival rides, you won’t want to miss this new addition to the State Fair.
• World’s Largest Boar and Champion Sow & Litter: Located in the swine barn, this fair favorite is a sight to see. 
• Livestock Barns: Follow a path through the Livestock Barns and introduce the kids to pigs, sheep, goats, horses, cows, chickens and rabbits.
• Stop in the Ag/Hort Building and let the kids experience the Seed Survivor by Agrium exhibit.
• Meal Time: After stopping by Seed Survivor by Agrium,  you’ll be just a hop, skip and jump away from the Dairy Bar where you can find grilled cheese sandwiches and milkshakes that are sure to please even the pickiest eaters.

Tweens, Teens, and everyone in between: Allow Four hours

Celebrate the end of summer…
• World’s Largest Boar and Champion Sow & Litter: Located in the swine barn, this fair favorite is a sight to see. 
• Livestock Barns: Follow a path through the Livestock Barns and witness pigs, sheep, goats, horses, cows, chickens and rabbits.
• Subaru Main Street Stage: Stop by this great entertainment stage and enjoy local talent for FREE!
• Gazebo Gift Shop: Everyone needs something to remember their day at the Fair. Stop by this great shop and pick up Fair apparel, souvenirs and more!
• Midway: Can’t miss the great rides you will find in the Midway – take a spin on Alien Abduction, Cliffhanger, Mega Drop or any of the many other thrills!
• Fair Food: Don’t miss out on all of the flavors of the Fair – try something deep fried while you’re at it!
• Free Stage: End your day with a great FREE concert on the Free Stage in Dow AgroSciences Celebration Park and also catch the Flippenout Extreme Trampoline Show.

Farm Tour: Allow Six hours

• Pioneer Village is a chance to travel back in farm time
• The Green House offers a “Take Out Garden” to plant at your own home
• The Glass Barn – A clear look at Indiana farming, featuring FaceTime with a farmer!
• My American Farm – stop inside the Farm Bureau Building and enjoy this unique exhibit appearing at only 5 fairs in the country!
• Livestock Nursery located north of the Farm Bureau Building is another favorite stop.
• Ag/Hort Building will feature the Seed Survivor by Agrium exhibit.
• DuPont Food Pavilion: Watch Chefs create Farm to Fork Masterpieces, then sample away!
• Livestock Barns: Follow a path through the Livestock Barns and witness pigs, sheep, goats, horses, cows, chickens and rabbits.

Date Night: Allow Three hours

• Dow AgroSciences Celebration Park features the Flippenout Extreme Trampoline Show as well as other great free entertainment.
• Stroll through the State Fair one of a kind Covered Bridge and snap a photo memory
• Spend time on the Midway riding the amazing rides and trying your hand at winning the giant stuffed animals!
• If you’re 21 and older, stop in the Indiana Beer & Wine Exhibition and learn about Indiana’s two growing commodities – craft wines and beer!
• For those of any age, hook your sweetie up with an old fashioned treat with two straws at Hook’s Drug Store!
• Free Stage – Check your daily schedule to see the hot act of the evening at the Free Stage located in Dow AgroSciences Celebration Park.
• Then cap your night with a ride on the Giant Ferris Wheel in the Midway!

Walk Down Memory Lane: Allow Two hours

Appreciate the history of the sixth oldest state fair in the country with a stroll through some of our most historic sites and make memories of your own.
• Home & Family Arts – Wander the halls to see crafts of the past & present.
• Fairgrounds Coliseum – don’t’ miss taking in the Indiana State Fairgrounds largest single renovation and all that is grand and new in this iconic Indiana treasure.
• Historic Speed Barns – Check out the makeover of one of these historic barns.
• Pioneer Village: A destination spot for over 50 years, here you will be taken back to the past and all that helped mold Indiana.

Foodie Fun: Allow Two to Six hours

How much can you handle!? Take a culinary tour through the Fair.
• Chicken on a stick
• Fried candy bars
• Healthy Food options (REALLY!)
• Signature Food Contest winners
• Indiana products sampled all day at the DuPont Food Pavilion
• Frozen, creamy connections