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Indiana State Personnel Department

SPD > Compensation > State of Indiana Benchmarks State of Indiana Benchmarks

View the State of Indiana benchmarks in the table below. Each file includes the duties, requirements and responsibilities of the job titles listed.

We've listed all job codes and titles and are in the process of linking up each of the job titles listed below.

Job Code Job Title
003JA2 Account Clerk 2
003JA3 Account Clerk 3
003JA4 Account Clerk 4
008JA4 Account Clerk Sup 4
002RA1 Accountant 1
002RA2 Accountant 2
002RA3 Accountant 3
002RA4 Accountant 4
002RA5 Accountant 5
002RA6 Accountant 6
007RA3 Accountant Supervisor 3
007RA4 Accountant Supervisor 4
007RA6 Accountant Supervisor 6
00ASBB Actuary
001AA4 Administrative  Analyst  4
002WN1 Administrative Assistant 1
002WN2 Administrative Assistant 2
002WN3 Administrative Assistant 3
002WN4 Administrative Assistant 4
002WN5 Administrative Assistant 5
002WN6 Administrative Assistant 6
003MB2 Administrative Secretary 2
002TC1 Administrative Support Manager 1
00EXAH Agency Head
005CA0 Airfield Firefighter
005CG0 Airfield Firefighter Chief
005CC0 Airfield Firefighter Leader
005CB0 Airfield Firefighter Trainer
005CF0 Airfield Security Chief
005CD0 Airfield Security Officer
005CE0 Airfield Security Sergeant
002BE3 Animal Health Specialist 3
001VD1 Appeals Referee 1
001BC4 Appl Syst Analyst/Prog Assoc
001BC2 Appl Syst Analyst/Prog Int
00EAK6 Appl Syst Analyst/Prog Manager
001BC1 Appl Syst Analyst/Prog Senior
001BB1 Appl Syst Analyst/Prog Speclst
006BB3 Appl Syst Analyst/Prog Supv
001BA4 Application Developer - Assoc
001BA3 Application Developer - Int
001BA2 Application Developer - Senior
001FA1 Architect 1
001FA2 Architect 2
001FA3 Architect 3
005SA0 Arson Investigator
002LG3 Artist Illustrator 3
002LG4 Artist Illustrator 4
002RL1 Asr Auditor 1
002RL2 Asr Auditor 2
005SB0 Assistant Chief Arson Investigator
001GA2 Assistant Director of Code Admin
009AF6 Assistant Laundry Supervisor 6
00ETF7 Assistant Supt Admin E7
00EKI6 Asst Supt Corrections E6
001VA1 Attorney 1
001VA2 Attorney 2
00EOA4 Attorney E4
00EOA6 Attorney E6
00EOA7 Attorney E7
002FK3 Audiologist
002RB2 Audit Examiner 2
002RB3 Audit Examiner 3
007RB5 Audit Examiner S5
004FB2 Auto Mechanic 2
004FB3 Auto Mechanic 3
004FB1 Auto Mechanic Foreman
009FB4 Auto Mechanic Sup 4
004CD3 Baker
004DC2 Barber
004DA2 Beautician
003CA4 Behav Hlth Recovery Attnd 4
003CA5 Behav Hlth Recovery Attnd 5
008CA6 Behav Hlth Recovery Supv 6
002AA3 Behaviorial Clinician 3
002AA4 Behaviorial Clinician 4
001LC2 Biologist 2
001LC3 Biologist 3
001LC4 Biologist 4
002WC3 Building Superintendent 3
002WC4 Building Superintendent 4
000ACK BMVC Account Clerk
000ABM BMVC Assistant Branch Manager
000BMX BMVC Branch Manager
000CS1 BMVC Customer Service Rep 1
000DE1 BMVC Driver Examiner
000DES BMVC Driver Examiner Senior
000RMG BMVC Regional Manager
000TML BMVC Team Leader
002WI4 Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspector
007WI6 Boiler Inspector Sup 6
004ID2 Brick Mason
004BT1 Bridge Tender
00EXBB Broad Band Executive
002RH1 Budget Analyst 1
002RH2 Budget Analyst 2
002RH3 Budget Analyst 3
00ERI7 Budget Analyst E7
004AA4 Building Custodian 4
009AA6 Building Custodian Sup 6
001GB1 Building/Fire Specialist 1
001GB2 Building/Fire Specialist 2
001GB3 Building/Fire Specialist 3
002TC2 Business Administrator 2
002TC3 Business Administrator 3
002TC4 Business Administrator 4
001BD4 Business Syst Cnslt 4 Entry
001BD3 Business Systems Cnslt Assoc
001BD2 Business Systems Cnslt Int
00EAL6 Business Systems Cnslt Mgr
001BD1 Business Systems Cnslt Senior
002HO4 Cadet Counselor
002HN4 Cadet Instructor
002HO3 Cadet Lead Counselor
002HN3 Cadet Lead Instructor
002HP4 Cadet Recruiter
002HM3 Cadet Shift Supervisor
002HM2 Cadet Supervisor
002HM4 Cadet Team Leader
005AK0 Capital Police Major
005AH0 Capital Police Captain
005AI0 Capital Police Chief
005AG0 Capital Police Lieutenant
005AE0 Capital Police Officer
005AF0 Capital Police Sergeant
005AD0 Capital Security Prob Officer
005AJ0 Capitol Police Corporal
002JA3 Chaplain
002JA2 Chaplain Educator
001QB3 Charge Nurse
006QB5 Charge Nurse Sup 5
001IB1 Chemist 1
001IB2 Chemist 2
001IB3 Chemist 3
006IB4 Chemist Supv 4
001QE2 Chief  Nurse Consultant
005SC0 Chief Arson Investigator
ISCCDA Chief Deputy Prosecuting Atty
005FE0 Chief Gaming Agent
006NN4 Chief Milk Production Sup 4
001NH1 Chief Milk Rating Officer
001GG3 Chief Mine Inspector
001LA2 Chief Pharmacist
001GL5 Child Labor Inspector 5
001GL4 Child Labor Inspector 4
ISCCCJ Circuit Court Judge
001DG1 Civil Engineer 1
001DG3 Civil Engineer 3
002CD6 Civil Rights Specialist6
002CD3 Civil Rights Specialist 3
007WP3 Claims Adjudicator Sup 3
007WP4 Claims Adjudicator Sup 4
007WP5 Claims Adjudicator Sup 5
002RR3 Claims Deputy 3
002RR4 Claims Deputy 4
002RR5 Claims Deputy 5
007DB5 Classification S5
003LD1 Clerical Assistant 1
003LD2 Clerical Assistant 2
003LD3 Clerical Assistant 3
003LD4 Clerical Assistant 4
003LD5 Clerical Assistant 5
008LD4 Clerk Sup 4
008LD6 Clerk Sup 6
008LD7 Clerk Sup 7
003MB5 Clerk Typist 5
003JF3 Client Intake Clerk
00EAD6 Client/Server Network Architect
001QL3 Clinical Nurse Specialist
00EEQ6 Clinical Pharmacist E6
002AH1 Clinical Services Specialist 1
001DA2 Code Administrator 2
001GA4 Code Official 4
005DK0 Colonel
001BU2 Communications Analyst
001BU1 Communications Analyst - Sr
002MC2 Communications Director 2
003OC4 Communications Oper 4
002YH3 Communications Spec 3
002YH4 Communications Specialist 4
007YH4 Communications Sup 4
002NC5 Community Employment Assoc 5
002NC2 Community Employment Cnslt 2
002NC3 Community Employment Spec 3
002AJ3 Community Services Director 3
002NK2 Compensation/Benefits Off 2
003QA3 Computer Operator 3
008QA4 Computer Operator Sup 4
008QA5 Computer Operator Sup 5
001AD6 Computer Scheduler
002TE3 Concessions Specialist 3
005HF0 Conservation 1st Sgt
005HH0 Conservation Captain
005HD0 Conservation Corporal
001DX2 Conservation Engineer 2
005HG0 Conservation Lieutenant
005HJ0 Conservation Lt  Colonel
005HI0 Conservation Major
005HC0 Conservation Officer
005HA0 Conservation Officer Trainee
005HB0 Conservation Probationary Officer
005HE0 Conservation Sergeant
001DZ3 Construction Engineer 3
001DZ4 Construction Engineer 4
001DZ5 Construction Engineer 5
001DZT Construction Engineer Trainee
001DL3 Construction Project Mgr
001DP3 Construction Technologist
002RO3 Consumer Specialist 3
00ERB5 Controller E5
00ERB6 Controller E6
00ERB7 Controller E7
004CA3 Cook 3
005LD0 Correctional Captain
002DB3 Correctional Casework Manager
002DB4 Correctional Caseworker 4
002DD3 Correctional Classification Sp
002DC4 Correctional Coordinator 4
005LC0 Correctional Lieutenant
005LE0 Correctional Major
005LA2 Correctional Officer
005LF2 Correctional Officer Trainee
002DJ4 Correctional Release Asst 4
002DJ3 Correctional Release Specialist
005LB0 Correctional Sergeant
002DB2 Correctional Team Manager  2
002HF3 Correctional Training Office 3
002HF4 Correctional Training Office 4
ISCCTJ County Court Judge
00EIA4 County Welfare Director E4
00EIA5 County Welfare Director E5
00EIA6 County Welfare Director E6
00EIA7 County Welfare Director E7
003ME3 Court Reporter
001VF2 Criminal Analyst  2
001VF4 Criminal Analyst  4
001VF5 Criminal Analyst  5
002TM6 Customer Svc Rep 6
001IG1 D/Dir Weights/Measures
001NN3 Dairy Farm Specialist 3
001BP1 Data Administrator
001BQ1 Data Architect
008QB6 Data Processing Oper Sup 6
008QB7 Data Processing Oper Sup 7
003QB4 Data Processing Operator 4
003QB5 Data Processing Operator 5
001BE1 Data Warehousing Administrator
001BE2 Data Warehousing Analyst
001BE3 Data Warehousing Programmer
00EAQ6 Data/Voice Communications Mgr
001BF3 Database Analyst Assoc
001BF2 Database Analyst Int
001BF1 Database Analyst Senior
00EAM6 Database Manager/Administrator
003CE4 Dental Assistant 4
003CE5 Dental Assistant 5
00EFD2 Dental Div Dir E2
00EFD5 Dentist E5
005FC0 Deputy Enforcement Agent
ISCDPA Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
001VO3 Deputy Public Defender  3
001VO2 Deputy Public Defender 2
00EAJ5 Deputy/Asst IT Director
002SA1 Developmental Specialist 1
002SA2 Developmental Specialist 2
001QC3 Dialysis Nurse 3
001QG3 Dietitian 3
001QG4 Dietitian 4
001QC1 Director of Nursing Svcs
002WP2 Disability Claims Adjudicatr 2
002WP3 Disability Claims Adjudicatr 3
002WP4 Disability Claims Adjudicatr 4
00EEH6 Div Dir  Hyg/Rad E6
00EUK4 Division Director E4
00EUK5 Division Director E5
00EUK6 Division Director E6
00EUK7 Division Director E7
004KA4 Driver
001LN2 Ecologist 2
002HE1 Education Consultant 1
002NR3 EEO Compliance Coordinator 3
004GA1 Electronics Tech 1
004GA2 Electronics Tech 2
006GF8 Elevator/Amusement Insp Sup 8
001GF6 Elevator/Amusement Inspector 6
002WE3 Emergency Prep Coordinator
002WE1 Emergency Prep Director
002WE2 Emergency Prep Specialist
002NT5 Employment Specialist 5
003AB1 Engineering Assistant 1
003AB2 Engineering Assistant 2
001DB3 Engineering Assistant 3
001DB4 Engineering Assistant 4
001ID2 Engineering Geologist 2
008AB3 Engineering Technician Sup 3
001DP4 Engineering Technologist
001LH3 Entomologist 3
00EEE7 Entomologst E7
00EEJ6 Env Branch Chief E6
00EEJ7 Env Branch Chief E7
001DO2 Environmental  Engineer  2
001DO3 Environmental  Engineer  3
006DO3 Environmental  Engineer  Supervisor 3
001DO1 Environmental  Engineer 1
001LS3 Environmental  Scientist 3
001LS4 Environmental  Scientist 4
001IC1 Environmental Chemist 1
001IC2 Environmental Chemist 2
006IC3 Environmental Chemist Supervisor 3
001LS2 Environmental Manager 2
006LS4 Environmental Manager Supervisor 4
00EFR6 Epidem E6
00EFR7 Epidem E7
004FF1 Equipment Advisor
004FA2 Equipment Mechanic 2
004FA3 Equipment Mechanic 3
004KB2 Equipment Oper 2
004KB3 Equipment Oper 3
005GI0 Excise 1st Sergeant
005GD0 Excise Captain
005GH0 Excise Corporal
005GC0 Excise Lt
005GE0 Excise Major
005GG0 Excise Officer
005GA0 Excise Officer Trainee
005GB0 Excise Sgt
009AB4 Executive Housekeeper Sup 4
009AB5 Executive Housekeeper Sup 5
005AB2 Executive Security Officer
002AP2 Family Case Manager 2
007AP3 Family Case Manager Sup 3
007AP4 Family Case Manager Sup 4
002AP3 Family Case Manager Trainee
004SA1 Farmer Foreman 1
009SA2 Farmer Manager 2
009SA3 Farmer Sup 3
002RC1 Field Auditor 1
002RC2 Field Auditor 2
002RC3 Field Auditor 3
002RC4 Field Auditor 4
002RE1 Field Examiner 1
002RE2 Field Examiner 2
002RE3 Field Examiner 3
002RE4 Field Examiner 4
007RE1 Field Examiner Sup 1
007RE2 Field Examiner Sup 2
007RE3 Field Examiner Sup 3
003KB1 Field Investigator 1
002RF1 Field Representative 1
002RJ1 Financial Analyst
002RD1 Financial Examiner 1
002RD2 Financial Examiner 2
002RD3 Financial Examiner 3
002RD4 Financial Examiner 4
007RD3 Financial Examiner Sup 3
007RD4 Financial Examiner Sup 4
003SD4 Fingerprint Classif Trainee
003SD3 Fingerprint Classification
003SD2 Fingerprint Examiner
008SD4 Fingerprint Sup 4
008SD5 Fingerprint Sup 5
005AE3 Fire Fighter
007RC1 Fld Auditor S1
007RC2 Fld Auditor S2
007RC3 Fld Auditor S3
007RC4 Fld Auditor S4
007RC5 Fld Auditor S5
004SB3 Florist 3
001LK3 Fluoridation Consultant
001NE2 Food Scientist 2
001NE3 Food Scientist 3
001NE4 Food Scientist 4
006NE4 Food Scientist Sup 4
009CB2 Food Service Supervisor 2
009CB5 Food Service Supervisor 5
009CB6 Food Service Supervisor 6
002TJ2 Food Service Director
004CB4 Food Svc Worker 4
00EIB5 Forensic Science Director E5
001IF1 Forensic Scientist 1
001IF2 Forensic Scientist 2
001IF3 Forensic Scientist 3
001IF4 Forensic Scientist 4
00EIB6 Forensic Scientist E6
00EIB7 Forensic Scientist E7
001LE3 Forester 3
001LE2 Forester Specialist 2
005FG0 Gaming Administrator
005FI0 Gaming Control Officer
005FH0 Gaming Enforcement Agent
005FF0 Gaming Enforcement Investigatr
005FB0 Gaming Enforcement Supv
005FA0 Gaming Fin/Background Investig
001NF2 General Sanitarian 2
001NF3 General Sanitarian 3
006NF4 General Sanitarian Sup 4
003VAT General Student Asst
001QJ2 Genetics Specialist 2
001IE1 Geologist 1
001IE2 Geologist 2
006IE3 Geologist Supv 3
002WST Governor's Summer Intern
003SC3 Graduate Intern
002TF1 Grant Coordinator 1
002TF2 Grant Coordinator 2
002TF3 Grant Coordinator 3
00ETC7 Grant Coordinator E7
004MA2 Grounds Foreman 2
004MA3 Grounds Foreman 3
002HG2 Health Educator 2
001QV5 Health Information Admin
001QV4 Health Information Admin 4
001QV2 Health Information Cnslt 2
001TE1 Health Physicist  1
001TE2 Health Physicist  2
001QN1 Health Planner 1
001QN2 Health Planner 2
001QN3 Health Planner 3
001VG2 Hearings Examiner
001VG3 Hearings Officer 3
00EAN6 Help Desk Manager
001DC1 Highway Engineer 1
001DC2 Highway Engineer 2
001DC3 Highway Engineer 3
001DC4 Highway Engineer 4
001DC5 Highway Engineer 5
003AB3 Highway Engineer Asst 3
006DC2 Highway Engineer Supv 2
006DC3 Highway Engineer Supv 3
006DC4 Highway Engineer Supv 4
001DCT Highway Engineer Trainee
009MB4 Highway Maintenance S4
009FA4 Highway Mechanic Sup 4
00HTBB Highway Tech Broad Band
009MB3 Highway Tech Sup 3
004MB1 Highway Technician 1
004MB2 Highway Technician 2
004MB3 Highway Technician 3
002KI4 Historical Education Spec 4
003EB3 Home Supervisor
001QW2 Horse Racing Director 2
SGBRPS House of Representatives Empl
008EB5 House Parent Sup  5
004AB4 Housekeeper 4
009AB6 Housekeeper Sup 6
002NA4 Human Resource Assoc 4
00EHA7 Human Resources Business Cslt
002NA1 Human Resources Generalist 1
002NA2 Human Resources Generalist 2
002NA3 Human Resources Generalist 3
002AK2 Human Services Consultant 2
002AK3 Human Services Consultant 3
002AL3 Human Services Planner
009NB3 Hwy Incident Tech Supv 3
004NB2 Hwy Incident Tech Worker
001DD1 Hydraulic Engineer 1
001DD2 Hydraulic Engineer 2
001DD3 Hydraulic Engineer 3
001DD4 Hydraulic Engineer 4
00IEOC IN Elected Official Clerical
00IEOE IN Elected Official Executive
00IEOP IN Elected Official Profession
001DN2 Industrial Engineer 2
006NA5 Industrial Hygiene Sup 5
001NA2 Industrial Hygienist 2
001NA3 Industrial Hygienist 3
001NA4 Industrial Hygienist 4
00ETP6 Industry Operations Manager E6
002LA2 Information Director
001BH2 Information Security Analyst
001BH1 Information Security Anlyst Sr
00EAO6 Information Security Manager
002LA3 Information Specialist 3
002LA4 Information Specialist 4
002LA5 Information Specialist 5
002LA6 Information Specialist 6
00ITBB Infrastructure Tech Broad Band
005AE1 Institutional Fire Chief 1
002IB0 Institutional Teacher
003GA3 Instructional Asst
003SC4 Intern
002EB1 Internal Affairs Investigator
002EB2 Internal Affairs Officer 2
002EB3 Internal Affairs Officer 3
002EB4 Internal Affairs Officer 4
002CB4 Interpreter Deaf
002TD6 Inventory Administrator 6
001GH2 IOSHA Consultant 2
001GH3 IOSHA Inspector 3
001GH4 IOSHA Inspector 4
006GH5 IOSHA Supervisor 5
005DF0 ISP 1st Sergeant
005DH0 ISP Captain
005DD0 ISP Corporal
005DG0 ISP Lieutenant
005DJ0 ISP Lt Colonel
005DI0 ISP Major
005DB0 ISP Probationary Trooper
005DE0 ISP Sergeant
005DC0 ISP Trooper
005DA0 ISP Trooper Trainee
005DAT ISP Trooper Trainee
00EAI4 IT Director
001BR1 IT Project Manager Assoc
00EAU7 IT Project Manager Int
00EAU6 IT Project Manager Senior
002RN3 Junior Insurance Examiner
001CA3 Labor Analyst 3
00EDA6 Laboratory Div Dir E6
003BD2 Laboratory Tech 2
003BD3 Laboratory Tech 3
003BD4 Laboratory Tech 4
004MC3 Laborer 3
004MC4 Laborer 4
004MC5 Laborer 5
009MC4 Laborer Sup 4
009MC5 Laborer Sup 5
001BJ3 LAN Administrator Assoc
001BJ2 LAN Administrator Int
00EAP6 LAN Administrator Manager
001BJ1 LAN Administrator Senior
001BS3 LAN Support Technician
001FB4 Landscape Architect 4
004AE3 Laundry Assistant 3
004AE4 Laundry Assistant 4
004AF1 Laundry Foreman 1
004AF2 Laundry Foreman 2
009AF5 Laundry Sup 5
001VE6 Law Clerk
007HA5 Law Enforcement Specialist S5
002HA3 Law Enforcement Training Spe 3
001VA3 Legal Analyst3
001VA5 Legal Assistant 5
SGBLSA Legislative Services Employee
002KA1 Librarian 1
002KA2 Librarian 2
002KA3 Librarian 3
002KA4 Librarian 4
007KA3 Librarian Sup 3
003HA3 Library Tech 3
003HA4 Library Tech 4
003CH3 LPN
004FD2 Machinist 2
ISCMAG Magistrate
004HA2 Maintenance Carpenter
004HA1 Maintenance Carpenter Foreman
004HB1 Maintenance Electrical Foreman
004HB2 Maintenance Electrician
004IC1 Maintenance Foreman 1
004IC2 Maintenance Foreman 2
004HC2 Maintenance Painter 2
004HC1 Maintenance Painter Foreman
004HD2 Maintenance Plumber
004HD1 Maintenance Plumber Foreman
004IA2 Maintenance Repairperson 2
004IA3 Maintenance Repairperson 3
009IA3 Maintenance Repair Supervisor 3
009IA4 Maintenance Repair Supervisor 4
009IA5 Maintenance Repair Supervisor 5
009IC1 Maintenance Sup 1
009IC2 Maintenance Sup 2
009IC3 Maintenance Sup 3
002UL2 Marketing Analyst 2
002BF5 Meat Inspector 5
002BF6 Meat Inspector 6
006BF6 Meat Inspector Supervisor 6
001DK3 Mechanical Engineer 3
001TB3 Medical Surveyor 3
006TB5 Medical Surveyor Sup 5
001QH4 Medical Technologist
004JD2 Medical Waste Oper 2
002FL1 Mental Health Administrator 1
002FL2 Mental Health Administrator 2
002FL3 Mental Health Administrator 3
00EJG7 Mental Health Administrator E7
001IG5 Metrologist 5
001LB2 Micro-Biologist 2
001LB3 Micro-Biologist 3
001LB4 Micro-Biologist 4
006LB4 Micro-Biologist Sup 4
003SA4 Microfilmer 4
003SA5 Microfilmer 5
001NH2 Milk Rating Officer
001TG3 Mobile X-Ray Surveyor
005RAT Motor Carrier Insp Trainee
005RE0 Motorcarrier  Insp Administra
005RZ0 Motorcarrier Dist Coord
005RA0 Motorcarrier Inspector
005RD0 Motorcarrier Zone Coord
002KC4 Museum Specialist 4
001NS1 Natural Sciences Manager 1
001LI3 Naturalist 3
003BA3 Naturalist Aide
004LA4 Needlecraft Worker
001BK3 Network Engineer Assoc
001BK2 Network Engineer Int
001BK1 Network Engineer Senior
001BT3 Network Technician
002KF5 Nosologist
001QC4 Nurse 4
001QO3 Nurse Consultant
001QC2 Nurse Practitioner
006QC5 Nurse Supv 5
006QC6 Nurse Supv 6
003CD4 Nursing Attendant 4
003CD5 Nursing Attendant 5
001QK2 Nutritionist 2
002FH4 Occupational Therapist  4
002FH3 Occupational Therapist 3
003LF1 Office Manager 1
003LF2 Office Manager 2
003LF3 Office Manager 3
001KA3 Oil/Gas Inspector 3
001CE1 Operations Analyst 1
001CE2 Operations Analyst 2
001CE3 Operations Analyst 3
005AA3 Park Security Officer
004AD4 Parking Garage Attendant 4
009AD5 Parking Garage Supervisor 5
002DA3 Parole Officer 3
007DA4 Parole Officer S4
007DA5 Parole Officer S5
00PRFP PERF Professional
002NB6 Personnel Assistant
002NB1 Personnel Officer 1
003LC3 Personnel Tech
001LA3 Pharmacist
003CJ2 Pharmacy Technician
003SB2 Photo Lab Tech 2
003SB3 Photo Lab Tech 3
001DM1 Physical Plant Director 1
001DM2 Physical Plant Director 2
001DM3 Physical Plant Director 3
002FF3 Physical Therapist 3
00EFE2 Physician E2
00EFE3 Physician E3
004QA1 Plant Foreman 1
009HE3 Plant Foreman Sup 3
007UM4 Plant Manager Sup 4
002RP2 Policy Analyst  2
00ETH7 Policy Procedure Analyst E7
002UH2 Policy/Procedure Analyst2
002UH1 Policy/Procedure Analyst 1
002KB2 Preservation Officer 2
004LC3 Printer 3
005GF0 Probationary Excise Officer
001BO1 Production Control Manager
002TD3 Production Inventory Supv 3
002WM3 Program Coordinator 3
002WM4 Program Coordinator 4
002WM5 Program Coordinator 5
002WM6 Program Coordinator 6
002WM1 Program Director 1
002WM2 Program Director 2
00EUE7 Program Director E7
002RS2 Program Specialist 2
002RS3 Program Specialist 3
002RS4 Program Specialist 4
002RS5 Program Specialist 5
007RS5 Program Specialist Sup 5
007WM4 Program Sup 4
001DU1 Project Manager
001DU2 Project Manager Associate
00PMBB Project Manager Broad Band
00EDU7 Project Manager Senior
002TW2 Property Manager 2
002TW3 Property Manager 3
002TW4 Property Manager 4
ISCPRA Prosecuting Attorney
002CC3 Protection/Advocacy Coord 3
002CC2 Protection/Advocacy Speclst 2
00EFI1 Psychiatric Med Dir E1
002AI1 Psychiatric Services Director
002AE2 Psychiatric Svcs Specialist 2
002AE3 Psychiatric Svcs Specialist 3
00EFF1 Psychiatrist E1
00EIH6 Psychologist E6
00EIH7 Psychologist E7
002AQ5 Public Assistance Caseworker 5
001QT1 Public Health Administrator 1
001QT2 Public Health Administrator 2
001TA2 Public Health Investigator 2
001TA3 Public Health Investigator 3
001QE3 Public Health Nurse Consultant
001TC3 Public Health Nurse Surveyor
006TC5 Public Hlth Nurse Surveyor S5
001DJ2 Public Works Specialist
002TA1 Purchasing Administrator 1
002TA2 Purchasing Administrator 2
002TA3 Purchasing Administrator 3
002TA4 Purchasing Administrator 4
002TA5 Purchasing Administrator 5
001BL2 Quality Assurance Analyst
00EIF7 Quality Assurance Director E7
00EAR6 Quality Assurance Manager
003OD2 Radio Operator 2
001QP6 Radiographer
001KC2 Reclamation Planning Spec 2
002KD3 Records Analyst3
002KD4 Records Analyst 4
002KD5 Records Analyst 5
002FD3 Recreation Coordinator
002FD4 Recreation Leader 4
002DE2 Reentry Specialist 2
002DE3 Reentry Specialist 3
004IG2 Refrigeration Mechanic
004IG1 Refrigeration Mechanic Foreman
003FC3 Rehab Therapy Asst 3
003FC4 Rehab Therapy Asst 4
003FC5 Rehab Therapy Asst 5
002FA1 Rehabilitation Director
002FA3 Rehabilitation Therapist  3
002FA4 Rehabilitation Therapist  4
002FA2 Rehabilitation Therapist 2
SGBREP Representative
001CC3 Research Analyst 3
006EC4 Research Dir/Mgr Sup 4
008EC5 Residential Leader
003EC3 Residential Mentor
002RV1 Revenue Tax Auditor 1
002RV2 Revenue Tax Auditor 2
002RV3 Revenue Tax Auditor 3
007RV1 Revenue Tax Auditor Sup 1
007RV2 Revenue Tax Auditor Sup 2
007RV3 Revenue Tax Auditor Sup 3
002RI2 Revenue Tax Specialist 2
002RI3 Revenue Tax Specialist 3
001GK2 Safety Hazards Manager 2
002HI4 Safety Training Consultant 4
002HI2 Safety Training Officer 2
00ETM6 Sales M/Mgr E6
002TM4 Salesperson 4
002AB1 School Psychologist 1
SSWBBS Seasonal State Worker
00SWPW Seasonal Winter Program Worker
003MB3 Secretary 3
003MB4 Secretary 4
00EJJ1 Secretary E1
008MB5 Secretary Sup 5
005AB3 Security Officer 3
005AB4 Security Officer 4
005AC1 Security/Safety Officer
002YG3 Security/Telecomm Syst Directr
004KA2 Semi Truck Driver
SGBSNT Senate Employee
SGBSEN Senator
001GA3 Senior Code Official 3
001ND1 Senior Environment Invest 1
001LS1 Senior Environment Manager
002RN2 Senior Insurance Examiner
002HB2 Senior JROTC Instructor 2
ISCSRJ Senior Judge
001BL1 Senior Quality Assurance Anlst
003JC2 Senior Toll Attendant
004JA1 Sewage Disposal Foreman
004JA2 Sewage Disposal Operator 2
004JA3 Sewage Disposal Operator 3
SGBEXC SGB Executive
SGBLTC SGB Labor, Trades & Crafts
SGBPRF SGB Professional
SGBSCM SGB Supervisor Clerical
SGBSPR SGB Supervisor Professional
ISCSCR Small Claims Referee
002AH2 Social Services Specialist 2
002AH3 Social Services Specialist 3
002AH4 Social Services Specialist 4
001IA2 Soil Scientist 2
001IA3 Soil Scientist 3
005NA0 Special Agent
005NB0 Special Agent Coordinator
005MA2 Special Attendant
005MB0 Special Attendant Supervisor
005MAT Special Attendant Trainee
006LS3 Senior Environmental Manager Sup 3
002AG3 State Eligibility Consultant 3
002AG1 State Eligibility Manager 1
00EUE5 State Program Director E5
00EUE6 State Program Director E6
001CB2 Statistician 2
001CB3 Statistician 3
004IF2 Steam Plant Mechanic
004JB1 Steam Plant Operator 1
004JB2 Steam Plant Operator 2
009JB2 Steam Plant Sup 2
009JB3 Steam Plant Sup 3
004JB3 Steam Plant Tender
003PA2 Stores Clerk 2
003PA3 Stores Clerk 3
003PA4 Stores Clerk 4
003PA5 Stores Clerk 5
008PA5 Stores Clerk Sup 5
008PA6 Stores Clerk Sup 6
00EWQ6 Sub District Operations Manage
002AN3 Substance Abuse Counselor 3
002AN4 Substance Abuse Counselor 4
002AN5 Substance Abuse Counselor 5
002ID0 Substitute Teacher
0SPWBB Summer Program Worker
ISCSCJ Superior Court Judge
007TM4 Supervisor of Sales Sup 4
002RN1 Supv Insurance Examiner
005FK0 Supv of Gaming Control Agents
002IA0 Supv Teacher of the Deaf
001DS2 Surveyor 2
001DS3 Surveyor 3
001DS4 Surveyor 4
001DS5 Surveyor 5
001DS6 Surveyor 6
003OA4 Switchboard Operator 4
003OA5 Switchboard Operator 5
001BM4 Systems Administrator Assoc
001BM2 Systems Administrator Int
00EAS6 Systems Administrator Manager
001BM1 Systems Administrator Senior
002RW4 Tax Analyst 4
002RW5 Tax Analyst 5
002RW6 Tax Analyst 6
007RW5 Tax Analyst S5
007RW6 Tax Analyst S6
002IE0 Teacher of the Blind & Visual
002IC0 Teacher of the Deaf
003GA4 Teachers Asst 4
00EDO7 Tech Environmental Engineer E7
00EDG7 Tech Environmental Spec E7
002YG4 Telecommunication Specialist 4
002YG5 Telecommunication Specialist 5
004GB2 Telecommunications Installer
003OB2 Telecommunications Oper 2
003OB3 Telecommunications Oper 3
007YG6 Telecommunications Oper S6
002YF3 Telecommunications Tech 3
002YF4 Telecommunications Tech 4
002YF5 Telecommunications Tech 5
007YF4 Telecommunications Tech S4
003JC3 Toll Attendant
004GE1 Traffic Signal Technician 1
004GE2 Traffic Signal Technician 2
009GE3 Traffic Signal Technician Sup
009GE4 Traffic Signal Technician Sup
002HC1 Training Director
007HC5 Training Director Supervisor 5
002HD3 Training Officer 3
002HD4 Training Officer 4
002FN3 Transitional Care Case Mgr 3
003CL2 Transitional Care Specialist 2
00TRFP TRF Professional
004KA3 Truck Driver
003QF2 Typesetter Specialist
002ZA1 Unclassified 1
002ZB1 Unclassified 1
002ZA2 Unclassified 2
002ZA3 Unclassified 3
002ZA4 Unclassified 4
00EZA1 Unclassified E1
00EZA2 Unclassified E2
00EZA3 Unclassified E3
00EZA4 Unclassified E4
00EZA5 Unclassified E5
00EZA6 Unclassified E6
00EZA7 Unclassified E7
00UTLE Utility Executive
00UTLP Utility Professional
001QD1 Veterinarian 1
00EFH5 Veterinarian E5
00EFH7 Veterinarian E7
001CD2 Vital Records Registrar
001CD5 Vital Statistics Coordinator
007BA2 Vocational Rehab Counselor  S2
002BA2 Vocational Rehab Counselor 2
007BA4 Vocational Rehab Counselor S4
004NA1 Warehouse Foreman 1
009NA3 Warehouse Sup 3
009NA4 Warehouse Sup 4
001DF2 Water Planner 2
001DF3 Water Planner 3
004JC2 Water Treatment Plant Operator 2
004JC1 Water Treatment Foreman 1
003UE1 Weight/Measure Inspector 1
003UE2 Weight/Measure Inspector 2
004IB1 Welder Foreman
002AF3 Welfare Consultant 3
002DH1 Youth Services Administrator 1
002DH2 Youth Services Administrator 2
002DH3 Youth Services Instructor 3
002DH4 Youth Services Instructor 4
007DH5 Youth Services Sup 5
007DH6 Youth Services Sup 6