Transfer Dealer

Transfer Dealer


You need a transfer dealer license if you transfer ownership of at least twelve (12) motor vehicles during a twelve (12) month period as part of your primary business. Examples of transfer dealers include financial institutions and insurance companies dealing in repossessed or salvaged vehicles.

You do not need or qualify for a transfer dealer license if you are someone whose business does not involve transferring ownership of vehicles but is limited to providing towing or transportation services for vehicles. However, you may qualify for transport operator plates, which are issued by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. The application is available here (State Form 37028).

You do not qualify for a transfer dealer license if you qualify for any other license type issued by our office.

Questions about completing the license application?  Please review our License Application Guide

Step 1 - Important legal review

We encourage those wanting to obtain their transfer dealer license in the State of Indiana to review the applicable state statutes (Indiana Code 9-32) and administrative rules (Indiana Administrative Code Title 75) regarding dealer licensing. Indiana statutes and rules can be found on the General Assembly’s website at

Step 2 - Completing the application

Online application - available here.

Paper application - State Form 56189 available here.

Please review the application before filing it out and be sure to fill it out completely and submit all required documents with the application. Failure to include required information or documents can delay the processing of your application. The license application must be completed by a dealer owner or dealer manager.

The following must be submitted with the completed application. For additional details, please see the license application guide above:

  1. Zoning Affidavit (SF 55936)
  2. Indiana Vehicle Merchandising Certificate/Bond (SF 53966)
  3. Certificate of Insurance
  4. Photos of the Established Place of Business
  5. Business Entity Documentation
  6. Retail Merchant Certificate
  7. Photo Identification
  8. Background Check
  9. License Fee

Step 3 - Sign, seal and mail!

Once you complete all of the steps and ensure all paperwork is filled out correctly, send your documents to our office at one of the addresses below. Please include your dealer name in the memo line of any check you submit to our office.

Mail:    Office of the Indiana Secretary of State
Auto Dealer Services Division
302 W. Washington St.
Room E-111
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Email: (please put License Application in the subject line)

Fax:    317-233-1915