Procedure for Becoming a Notary Public

  1. An application may be completed online with the Secretary of State's office at

    It is suggested that a notary use either one of the following:

    • Both his/her first and middle names
    • First name with middle initial
    • Initial and middle name along with his/her surname

    A person should not use both first and middle initials only (for example: J.S. Smith).

  2. The applicant takes the oath of office through the online feature.
  3. The applicant shall secure an official bond with freehold or corporate security, to be approved by the Secretary of State, in the sum of five thousand dollars ($5000). The bond shall be conditioned upon the faithful performance and discharge of duties of the office of the notary public, for the use by any person injured by a breach of the notary's duties.
    (Ind. Code 33-42-2-1)
  4. Each application requires a ten dollar ($10) fee. Each duplicate commission also requires a ten dollar ($10) fee. Fees are payable by credit card or an subscriber account.
  5. A seal must be used in all official acts of the notary public. Such may be purchased at various retail stores.

If any notary changes his/her name or county of residence during his/her term of commission, he/she shall notify the Secretary of State by revising their Commission through the online feature. The Secretary of State will issue a revised commission valid only for the remaining term of the original commission. If the notary misplaces his/her commission, he/she can download a duplicate commission, valid only during the duration of the original commission.

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