A-F Appeal Information

A-F Rule

Visit www.in.gov/legislative/iac/20150715-IR-511140447FRA.xml.pdf to view the current A-F rule.


A-F Audits and Appeals

The new 2017 A-F audit and appeal process can be found here.


The SBOE will hold a school's grade under embargo until the resolution of an appeal so long as the appeal request and supporting documentation is submitted to the online portal at https://accountability.doe.in.gov and received by the IDOE not later than 11:59 pm EDT on September 25, 2017.

Appeals can be filed after the September 25 deadline, up until 11:59 EDT on October 16, 2017, but the grades will not be held under embargo while the appeal is being resolved.

Please submit questions to the Indiana State Board of Education at the following email address: TSchultz1@sboe.in.gov/