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IEDC Board Passes Resolution in Support of Right-To-Work Laws

INDIANAPOLIS (Dec. 8, 2011) - The board of directors of the Indiana Economic Development Corp. (IEDC) voted today to approve a resolution in support of right-to-work laws for the state of Indiana.

"The last seven years of IEDC experience tell us that Indiana is blocked from too many job opportunities because we do not provide right-to-work protection to our workers," said John Mutz, former president of PSI Energy and member of the IEDC board of directors and chairman of the policy committee. "Especially in this tough national economy, it's a handicap."

"I know 'right to work' is not a cure-all, but given the call of the General Assembly to create a business-friendly tax and regulation environment, Hoosiers cannot continue to eliminate ourselves from opportunity based on our adherence to compulsory unionism," said Bob Taylor, president and chief executive officer of Do it Best Corp. and member of the IEDC board of directors and policy committee. "I believe Indiana should be a right-to-work state so that we can maximize our opportunities for economic development."


As IEDC board chairman, Governor Mitch Daniels does not vote on motions and did not vote on today's resolution.


To read the resolution, click here.


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