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Soybean Jean joins character line-up at Indiana State Fair

While Bennie the Bean makes his way around the 2011 Indiana State Fair, he will meet his new friend "Soybean Jean" at the Hoosiers Care booth, located in the climate-controlled Our Land Pavilion. Soybean Jean is a sidekick to Hoosiers Care spokesperson Dr. Reese Eikle.

"Since this has been dubbed 'Year of Soybeans,' we thought it was appropriate to promote the Hoosiers Care message through a character that resembles a soybean," explained Dr. Eikle, who is featured in an interactive "Use Your Brain" quiz show on the Pioneer Hi-Bred Red Gold Stage. The doctor offers visitors of all ages a chance to join him onstage for the entertaining yet educational game show. "Soybean Jean will make appearances before, during and after the daily Use Your Brain stage show," Dr. Eikle said.

The Hoosiers Care initiative is a collaboration of six state agencies: IDEM, the Indiana Office of Energy, the Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor, the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority, the Indiana State Department of Agriculture, and Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs. The partners strive to improve Indiana's environment one person at a time. Hoosiers Care has a booth in the pavilion where visitors can learn simple tips for preventing pollution and saving money around the home. Staff will be asking fairgoers to sign the Hoosiers Care pledge to change one activity for the benefit of the environment.

"Taking the pledge is easy to do," said Dr. Eikle. "If you can sign your name and agree to do one simple thing like turning off the water while brushing your teeth, not only will you save money in the long run but the earth will thank you for conserving resources."

To learn more about Hoosiers Care, visit, and To learn more about the Indiana State Fair, visit

Photo of Soybean Jean and Dr. Reese Eikle

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