For immediate release: Jul 30, 2011
Posted by: [IDEM]
Contact: Robert Elstro
Phone: (317) 232-8499

IDEM forecasts high ozone for 2 areas in Indiana

(IDEM) is forecasting high ozone levels on Sunday, July 31, and Monday, August 1, 2011, in the following metropolitan areas:

IDEM encourages everyone to help reduce ozone by making simple changes to their daily habits. You can:

Anyone sensitive to poor air quality may be affected when ozone levels are high. Children, the elderly and anyone with heart or lung conditions should reduce or avoid exertion and heavy work outdoors.

IDEM examines weather patterns and current ozone readings to make daily air quality forecasts. To learn more about ozone or sign up for air quality forecasts, visit

Ground-level ozone is formed when sunlight and hot weather bake vehicle exhaust, factory emissions and gasoline vapors. Ozone in the upper atmosphere blocks ultraviolet radiation, but ozone near the ground is a lung irritant that can cause coughing and breathing difficulties.

About IDEM
IDEM ( implements federal and state regulations regarding the environment. Through compliance assistance, incentive programs and educational outreach, the agency encourages and aids businesses and citizens in protecting Hoosiers and our environment.


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