For immediate release: May 23, 2011
Posted by: [DNR]
Contact: Ginger Murphy
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Remember new DNR firewood policy this weekend

Enjoy campfires on DNR properties this Memorial Day weekend and throughout the year in a way that will protect forests from the spread of invasive insects.

The 140 known pests and pathogens that affect forests are moved from place to place primarily through the movement of firewood. As a result, DNR has a new firewood management policy. In short, the policy means: "Buy it with a stamp, bring it debarked, burn it all."

That means you can still bring firewood into a state park, reservoir, state forest or state fish & wildlife area from home if you live in Indiana, as long as you have previously removed the bark from it. Insect larvae live in the sapwood under the bark. (People from surrounding states cannot bring their own firewood because of the federal EAB quarantines.)

You may also bring firewood into DNR properties if:

Salamonie Lake and Spring Mill State Park have already lost shade trees because of the
emerald ash borer insect. The DNR wants to stay ahead of this and other pests elsewhere.

For more about this policy, see  Vendors who want to sell firewood for use in DNR properties should see:

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