For immediate release: Dec 02, 2010
Posted by: [DNR]
Contact: Phil Marshall
Phone: (317) 232-4189

DNR adds LaPorte and St. Joseph counties to gypsy moth quarantine

Gypsy moth, an invasive forest insect that defoliates and kills more than 300 kinds of trees but prefers oak trees, has been found in LaPorte and St. Joseph counties.

As a result, Robert E. Carter Jr., director of the DNR, signed an emergency rule late last month declaring these counties quarantined for gypsy moths, on the recommendation of state entomologist Phil Marshall, to slow the spread of the insect.
To date, nine counties in northern Indiana are quarantined for gypsy moths. The other counties are Allen, DeKalb, Elkhart, LaGrange, Noble, Porter and Steuben.

In addition to the state quarantine, the USDA Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) will also add LaPorte and St. Joseph counties to the federal gypsy moth quarantine. Both state and federal quarantines have the same requirements, to help prevent confusing the public and businesses. 

In essence, both quarantines state that movement of any regulated item out the nine counties is a violation of both the state and federal quarantines unless there is a valid compliance agreement in place issued by the appropriate agency. Compliance agreements allow businesses to move  regulated items out of the quarantined counties under specific conditions.  Homeowners making household moves out of the quarantined counties can use the USDA APHIS self inspection procedures and form to comply with the quarantine. The form and instructions are at"

Regulated items include certain kinds of trees such as cut Christmas trees, nursery stock, logs, slab wood, recreational vehicles, boats, trailers, tents, mobile homes, and other outdoor household articles that might conceal gypsy moth egg masses.

 "DNR's gypsy moth management program has followed the USDA Forest Service protocol, which has efficiently slowed the spread and development of gypsy moths within the state," Marshall said. "Because of the success of this program, DNR has not previously added counties to the gypsy moth quarantine since 2000."

For more information on the federal compliance agreement, contact USDA APHIS at (765) 497-2859. For information on state gypsy moth quarantine regulations, call (317) 232-4120.

For more information on GM and the quarantines, see

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