For immediate release: Oct 19, 2010
Posted by: [ISP]
Contact: Sgt. Anthony Emery
Phone: (317) 899-8287 OR (800) 582-8440

Hancock County Department of Child Services Caseworker Arrested

Greenfield, IN - Today, at approximately 11:50 p.m., a Hancock County Department of Child Services Caseworker was arrested for Official Misconduct.

The investigation, which began in May 2010, revealed JENNIFER R. HOFFMAN, 37, GREENFIELD, IN disclosed confidential Hancock County Department of Child Services documents, specifically a child abuse victim photograph. 

The investigation further revealed Michael Griffin, a candidate for Hancock County Prosecutor, requested State Senator Beverly Gard and State Representative Bob Cherry to meet with Hoffman to discuss a political endorsement from them in his upcoming election.  During this meeting, Hoffman provided Senator Gard and Representative Cherry numerous documents that were part of a child abuse investigation and a photograph of a badly burned child.  Hoffman indicated at the time of the meeting the documents were confidential in nature and were being offered to induce them to support Michael Griffin's run for Prosecuting Attorney.  It was further revealed during this meeting by Hoffman that she was a Department of Child Services Caseworker in Hancock County and she had utilized her official capacity as a caseworker to obtain the provided information for use in the meeting with them. 

In May 2010, a Special Prosecutor, Senior Prosecutor Daniel J. Sigler, was assigned to this case.  On today's date, Special Prosecutor Sigler and Detective Paul Hansard of the Indiana State Police, filed charges in the Hancock County Circuit Court and requested a warrant.  The warrant was issued and Hoffman was arrested, booked and processed at the Hancock County Jail without incident.


Jennifer R. Hoffman, 37, Greenfield, IN.

1.      Official Misconduct - Class D Felony

Investigating Officer:  Detective Paul Hansard, Indiana State Police


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