For immediate release: Aug 02, 2010
Posted by: [DWD]
Contact: Marc Lotter
Phone: 317-232-3396

Unemployment Extension Update

INDIANAPOLIS - Hoosiers have filed approximately 220,000 unemployment vouchers totaling $54 million in benefits through the federal unemployment extensions since last Wednesday. The Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD) anticipated 250,000 vouchers would be made available to Hoosiers. Payments on eligible vouchers filed over the weekend will be completed by tomorrow.

Over 150,000 vouchers were filed yesterday alone.  The previous Sunday, DWD processed 75,000 claims.

The vouchers still unfiled may belong to Hoosiers who:

DWD served over 1,500 Hoosiers during expanded hours at its call center and 27 full-service WorkOne Centers on Saturday. These facilities will remain open 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday through Friday this week.




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