For immediate release: May 28, 2010
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Special Election, Third Congressional District

INDIANAPOLIS (May 28, 2010) - Governor Mitch Daniels said today that a special election to replace the vacancy in Indiana's Third Congressional District created by the resignation of Congressman Mark Souder will occur on the same day as the general election in November. Souder's resignation was effective on May 21.

"After a week of reflection and gathering the views of others, I conclude that the public interest can best be served by a special election held simultaneously with the general election on November 2.

"The grounds for this decision are: the cost to taxpayers, the convenience of the voting public, and the involvement of the largest possible number of citizens in the selection of a new Congressman.

"It seems to me that these interests outweigh any gains from having a member of Congress present for what would amount to no more than 20 voting days."

According to state and federal law, the governor is required to set a date for a special election. The governor issued Executive Order 10-03, which establishes the date of the special election. The writ of election is being delivered to the county clerks in the eight counties comprising the Third Congressional District.

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