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Governor expands reach of Young Hoosiers Conservation Corps

INDIANAPOLIS (April 7, 2010) - Governor Mitch Daniels said today applications for the second year of the successful Young Hoosiers Conservation Corps (YHCC) are now being accepted. In addition to work at the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) locations, the program will be expanded to the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) this summer. Participants who work with DNR may revitalize historic buildings, create and rehabilitate trails and restore natural habitat areas. Participants employed at INDOT facilities may work in emergency cleanup, maintenance of traffic signs, equipment refurbishing and beautification of Indiana's highway rest areas and interchanges. "Last year's 2,000 Corps members made major, lasting improvements to our parks and environment, while preparing themselves better for lives of productive work," said Daniels. "The results surpassed our expectations and more than justified the program's renewal this year." YHCC will expand to include positions at more than 30 INDOT and 80 DNR locations. The program will also include hiring and training youth supervisors. Those hired will be offered higher wages and additional training to help prepare them for management positions later in life. Daniels created YHCC in 2009 using federal stimulus funds available for summer employment and training to young Hoosiers. In 2009, YHCC participants: Renovated 380 buildings and 50 historic buildings Created 30 miles of new trails Rehabilitated 500 miles of existing trails Restored 4,700 acres of natural habitat YHCC will provide opportunities to approximately 2,000 Hoosiers ages 18 to 24. The positions pay $8.50 per hour and last approximately 16 weeks. YHCC youth supervisors will work 18-24 weeks and earn $9.50 per hour. All positions will begin no earlier than May 3 and are scheduled to end October 2. Interested Hoosiers can begin applying immediately at The state is using about $12 million of federal stimulus funds allocated through the Workforce Investment Act for this program. This is a 91-county program. Under federal law, Marion County qualifies to use its portion of this funding on a separate summer jobs program.

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