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2009 Record Fish and Fish-of-the-Year honorees

Only one state-record sized fish was caught in Indiana in 2009. Paul Huber of Seymour caught a 32.25-inch bowfin that weighed 16.52 lbs. in Mutton Creek in Jackson County. The previous state record bowfin was caught in 1988 and weighed 16.0 lbs.

There were 54 entries for 2009 Fish-of-the-Year, of which 27 were accepted. The smallest was a 12-inch bluegill caught by Abby Byrer of Warsaw in Crystal Lake, and the largest was a 50-inch muskie caught by Edwin Van Cleave of Chicago in Big Barbee Lake.

Bill Hudock of Michigan City and Joe Tackett of Claypool tied for the walleye Fish-of-the-Year, each catching walleyes measuring 31 inches. Also, Chris Terry of Noblesville caught a 22.75-inch smallmouth bass while fishing a retention pond in Hamilton County. River fishing accounted for eight of the 27 entries; six came from Lake Michigan, eight from other lakes, and five from private ponds.

Each angler who caught a Fish-of-the-Year, along with his or her hometown, is listed below.

 Species  Length  Angler Name  Body of Water  County  Angler's Hometown  Date
 Blue Catfish  44.5  David Ben Mullen  Ohio River  Harrison  Central  10/5/2009
 Bluegill  12  Abby Byrer  Crystal Lake  Kosciusko  Warsaw  8/4/2009
 Bullhead  15.5  George Morris III  Pond  Boone  Jamestown  4/19/2009
 Brown  Trout  31.5  Ron Kotfer  Lake Michigan  Lake  Munster  3/6/2009
 Buffalo  40  Bryan Kapke  Lake of the Woods  Marshall  Bremen  8/30/2009
 Channel Catfish  24  Patrick Bates  White River  Marion  Indianapolis  6/1/2009
 Chinook Salmon  39.5  Bob Tortolano  Lake Michigan  Lake  Crown Point  8/14/2009
 Coho Salmon  29  Michael Kotfer  Lake Michigan  Lake  Munster  7/20/2009
 Carp  29  Lindsey Fleshood  Wabash River  Wabash  Wabash  6/17/2009
 Crappie  17  Chris O'Brian  Pond  Daviess  Montgomery  1/27/2009
 Flathead Catfish  45  Jackie Reynolds  Cagles Mill Reservoir  Putnam  Poland  9/2/2009
 Freshwater Drum  30  Mike Berg  Lake Michigan  Lake  Cedar Lake  7/12/2009
 Goldeye  14  Lindsey Fleshood  Wabash River  Wabash  Wabash  8/7/2009
 Grass Carp  47  John Pitcher  Pond  Sullivan  Dugger  3/21/2009
 Hybrid Striped Bass  26.75  Marietta Strange  Ohio River  Clark  Louisville, KY  11/10/2009
 Largemouth Bass  25.5  Bryan Hanson  Pond  Lake  Hobart  4/25/2009
 Gar  36  Lindsey Fleshood  Wabash River  Wabash  Wabash  7/24/2009
 Muskellunge  50  Edwin VanCleave  Big Barbee Lake  Kosciusko  Chicago, IL  7/18/2009
 Northern Pike  30  Mike Berg  Tippecanoe Lake  Kosciusko  Cedar Lake  8/31/2009
 Smallmouth Bass  22.75  Chris Terry  Pond  Hamilton  Noblesville  n/a
 Steelhead Trout  30  Steve Berg  Salt Creek  Porter  Cedar Lake  4/1/2009
 Striped Bass  40  Gary Lewis  Cecil M Harden Res.  Parke  Indianapolis  6/8/2009
 Sucker  28  Stacy Boik  Ohio River  Union  Evansville  11/22/2009
 Walleye  31  Bill Hudock  Lake Michigan  La Porte  Michigan City  4/2/2009
 Walleye  31  Joe Tackett  Pike Lake  Kosciusko  Claypool  4/15/2009
 White Bass  17.5  Kevin Lawence Jr.  Winona Lake  Kosciusko  Warsaw  9/27/2009
 Yellow Perch  14.5  Ron Kotfer  Lake Michigan  Lake  Munster  11/22/2009

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