For immediate release: Jan 06, 2010
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Identity Theft Suspects Apprehended

Coordinated effort between BMV and law enforcement agencies

INDIANAPOLIS - A months-long investigation into an identity theft ring came to a close when the United States Attorney's office in Hammond announced in December the indictments of Tracy Jackson, Tyrone Patton and Marvin Hatcher all of Chicago. All three were charged with possession of identification documents with intent to use or transfer them unlawfully.

The investigation, coordinated with the United States Secret Service, Indiana State Police, Hobart, Portage, LaPorte and Chicago police departments and the Illinois State Police, began after the BMV detained two women during the summer trying to obtain fake identification cards.

The women, whose names are being withheld, in separate incidents were individually detained at Portage and LaPorte license branches. After being held by police, the women cooperated with authorities and a full investigation began into the identity theft ring.

George Henry Helms, who the BMV announced was arrested by Hobart police in August, was one of six people involved in the identity theft ring.

Previously apprehended individuals involved in the identity theft ring include Garjean Collins and Samuel Dunn. The group is believed to have obtained 45 different Indiana driver's licenses and identification cards.

BMV Commissioner Andy Miller stated, "This is by far the biggest group that we have been able to stop and that is a credit to the BMV employees and all of the law enforcement agencies that participated in the investigation. The increased vigilance by our branch staff and the excellent work of the BMV's Fraud and Security Enforcement division has prevented a number of individuals from obtaining fake ID's.

"Identity theft prevention continues to be a major focus for the BMV, and we are confident that new SecureID procedures will stop even more crimes from being committed."

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