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State Secures Commitments in 2009 for Nearly 20,000 New Jobs

INDIANAPOLIS (Dec. 30, 2009) - The Indiana Economic Development Corporation announced today that in 2009 it worked with 160 companies from across the state and around the world that committed to create nearly 20,000 new jobs in Indiana. 

"Despite a challenging year, I am pleased to see this year's jobs numbers improve over last year.  This demonstrates that Indiana can compete for investment from global firms that could choose to locate their businesses anywhere," said Mitch Roob, Secretary of Commerce and chief executive officer of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation. 

Driven by companies like Berry Plastics, Republic Airways, Telic and Dometic, Indiana welcomed commitments for 19,955 new jobs and $1.96 billion in capital investment in 2009.  The new jobs, which companies committed to create in the next five years, pay an average hourly wage of $20.95, above the state's current hourly wage of $18.32.  

Competitive consolidation projects were a strong trend in 2009 with 51 of the 160 projects being the result of a company closing an operation elsewhere to increase capacity in Indiana.  Collectively, these projects accounted for 5,550 new job commitments and $227 million in capital investment. 

Automotive-related manufacturing represented the largest sector for new job commitments in 2009 with 5,498 new jobs committed.  Non-automotive manufacturing represented the second largest sector of new job commitments with 3,893 new jobs. 

Nearly 2,000 new job commitments in the life sciences industry represented the third largest sector of new jobs in 2009.  Job commitments for other sectors include: information technology (1,756), defense (1,545) and logistics (959).

Since Governor Daniels established the Indiana Economic Development Corporation early in 2005, the agency has worked with nearly 800 companies to grow or expand their operations in the state.  The agency secured job commitments totaling 18,659 in 2008, 22,627 in 2007 and 21,995 in 2006.  Collectively, these companies have committed to create more than 98,500 jobs in Indiana and invest more than $20.75 billion in their Indiana operations.

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