For immediate release: Nov 05, 2009
Posted by: [DNR]
Contact: Lt. Mark Farmer
Phone: (317) 232-0658

Dispose of deer carcasses properly

With deer firearms season starting Nov. 14, hunters, if they are successful, need to be aware of the proper way to dispose of deer carcasses once the meat has been removed.

"A hunter's responsibility, both ethically and legally, doesn't end until the carcass is disposed of properly," said Lt. Mark Farmer, public information officer for the DNR Division of Law Enforcement.

Professional meat processors have legal means of disposing of carcasses. Successful hunters who do not use professional processors have a few different options for proper carcass disposal, according to the Indiana State Board of Animal Health (BOAH).

One is to check to see if a local processor will dispose of the carcass. If so, there will likely be a charge for pickup. The hunter cannot take the carcass into the processing facility.

Another option is to contact a renderer to ask about pickup/drop off. BOAH's list of renderer contact information is at

Landfills meet BOAH's standard, but hunters should check with the landfill first to see if it accepts carcasses and if it has bagging requirements.

Indiana conservation officers will be stepping up enforcement of illegal dumping laws using electronic monitoring equipment.

If you wish to report the illegal dumping of deer carcasses or any environmental or fish and wildlife violation, call the Turn in a Poacher or Polluter Hotline at 1-800-TIP-IDNR or register a complaint online at

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