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Day 2: Governor talks jobs, energy and health care in China

SHANGHAI, China (September 8, 2009) - Governor Mitch Daniels spent the second day of his trade mission to China speaking about job creation in the green collar economy, discussing health care reform with Chinese government officials and promoting Indiana's economic climate to businesses seeking to invest in the state.

During a speech at the American Chamber of Commerce Greentech: A Call to Action conference at the Shanghai World Financial Center, Daniels discussed Indiana's common sense approach to creating "green jobs".  

"We are enthusiastic about green energy and green technology and are enabling them as creatively as any state I've seen," said Daniels. "But we ask for some realism in this debate. Our view from Indiana is that a strong and sustained period of national economic growth is absolutely essential, for many reasons, to our hopes of a green energy revolution or at least transformation."

The governor participated in a panel with Orville Schell, the Asia Society's Arthur Ross Center Director on U.S.-China Relations, and Dr. Woody Clark, recipient of the 2007 Noble Peace Prize for his work on climate change with former Vice President Al Gore.   

Following the conference, Daniels traveled to the Shanghai Human Resources and Social Security Department to join representatives from Eli Lilly & Company for a meeting with Chinese government officials about the challenges of health care reform in China and the United States while other members of the delegation visited Lilly's facility at the Pudong Science Park.

In the afternoon, Daniels met with two companies who are actively exploring investment opportunities in southern Indiana.  The governor toured the production facilities and met with executive management at Shanghai Top Motor Co, Ltd. (Techtop), an electric motor manufacturing company, to discuss the company's ongoing plans to expand its operations in Indiana. In 2008, Techtop announced plans to bring a new manufacturing and distribution center to Columbus in a joint venture with LHP Technologies.  Daniels also met with officials from China Dongfeng Motor Industry Import & Export Company, Ltd, a government-owned automotive company, about its joint venture with Cummins supplier Yinlun and the company's operation in Columbus.

The governor met with U.S. Consul General Beatrice Camp before hosting a Friends of Indiana reception. Guests included representatives of companies that may have interest in doing business in Indiana.  Following the reception, Daniels concluded his day with a private meeting with representatives from a Chinese company interested in establishing operations in Indiana.

Excerpts from Governor Daniels' speech at the Greentech: A Call to Action conference:

"Our state policy favors a renewable portfolio. We already have established one-stop permitting and cost recovery for the infrastructure necessary to transport green power from sometimes remote locations. We expect to be in the first rank in terms of that periphery of activity we call green jobs. We have been the electronics capital for many decades because of the concentration of the auto industry in our state. Already, two or three electric car companies are setting up shop. Battery companies likewise, to take advantage of the human talent present in Indiana. Makers of turbines, makers of gear boxes for turbines and frames for windmills have come to our state to take advantage of the low cost and location and infrastructure that we have. Our basic summation for Asian audiences is 'Midwest quality, Midwest access, Sunbelt prices.' That's Indiana and it applies to green energy companies as much as any."


"We are a state that is energy intensive and low energy costs are a point of necessary competitive advantage for us. Why are our energy costs low? They are coming from coal. We are eager to continually lower the environmental impact of using that coal, but we are not prepared to abandon or see it ruled out of bounds without a heck of a good reason in national policy."


"We are excited about green jobs. We are chasing them everywhere we can and we are enabling them as creatively as any state. There aren't enough of them by any count to replace one-for-one jobs that have been lost or at risk. They're not of high enough quality.There are some great jobs in some important new sectors, but we have not seen any evidence that they should be sought at the expense of the traditional economy or the traditional energy that powers that economy."



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