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Lt. Governor Announces $164 Million for Affordable Housing

INDIANAPOLIS - Lt. Governor Becky Skillman today outlined plans to use $164 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act money to fund affordable housing projects across the state.

Indiana is in the process of reviewing proposals from private developers who expect to break ground on new housing units within the next 60 days. Most of the projects will consist of apartments for working families, seniors, or disabled Hoosiers.

Lt. Governor Becky Skillman said the effort fits the three requirements she and Governor Mitch Daniels laid out when Congress first passed the Recovery Act.

"Not only are we putting Hoosiers to work, but we will be providing new, affordable housing to as many as 6,500 Hoosier families," Lt. Governor Skillman said. "That certainly meets our requirements of jobs, speed, and a lasting impact for the state."

The federal government is distributing $3 billion in Tax Credit Assistance Program (TCAP) funds as part of the Recovery Act. Each year, the federal government allots states tax credits to give to developers of low-income housing. Because of the tightened credit market, tax credits were not sufficient incentives to builders. So the Recovery Act allows states to trade their allotted tax credits for cash.

Of the 25 states and territories who have received money so far, Indiana's $164 million is the highest amount - nearly $50 million more than the next closest state.

"Additional credits from last year's floods and some forward thinking by our team led to this large sum. Our staff has done an excellent job and we look forward to putting this money to work," said Sherry Seiwert, Executive Director of the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority, the agency that will administer the funds. 


Recovery Act Awards for Affordable Housing Projects in Lieu of Housing Tax Credits



Amount Awarded

Kansas Housing Resources Corporation


Ohio Housing Finance Agency


Puerto Rico Housing Finance Authority


Michigan State Housing Development Authority


Wisconsin Housing & Economic Development  Authority


Washington Finance Housing Commission


New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority

 $10,289,626  (1st round - 6/4/09)


 $17,423,436 (2nd  round - 7/10/09)

Iowa  Finance Authority


Rhode Island Housing and Mortgage Finance Corporation


Maine State Housing Authority


Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority


Missouri Housing Development Commission


Tennessee Housing Development Agency


DC Department Housing and Community Development


Arkansas Development Finance Authority


Virgin Islands Housing Finance Authority


New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority


Vermont Housing Finance Agency


Maryland Community Development Administration


Alabama Housing Finance Authority


Georgia Housing and Finance Authority


Montana Board of Housing


Connecticut Housing Finance Authority


Massachusetts Dept. of Housing and Community Development


Louisiana Housing Finance Agency











Lt. Governor Becky Skillman is Chairman of the Board for the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority. Lt. Governor Skillman also chairs Indiana's ARRA Clearinghouse Task Force, which oversees federal Recovery Act money that flows through state agencies.

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