For immediate release: Jun 19, 2009
Posted by: [ISP]
Contact: Sgt. Anthony Emery, PIO
Phone: 317-899-8287 or 800-582-8440

Indiana's "Motorized Bicycle" Law

The Indiana State Police in Fort Wayne would like to remind Hoosiers that the use of scooters, mopeds, and electric mini- motorcycles are governed by the following law.


"Motorized bicycle" defined

"Motorized bicycle" means a two or three wheeled vehicle that is propelled by an internal combustion engine or a battery powered motor, and if powered by an internal combustion engine, has the following:

(1)       An engine rating of not more than two horsepower and a cylinder capacity not exceeding fifty cubic centimeters.

(2)       An automatic transmission.

(3)       A maximum design speed of not more than twenty-five miles per hour on a flat surface.


Restrictions on speed, location, and operator of motorized bicycles

A motorized bicycle may not be operated under any of the following conditions:

(1)       By a person less than fifteen years of age.

(2)       By a person who has not obtained an identification card, a learners permit, an operator's license, a chauffeur's license, or a public passenger chauffeur's license.

(3)       On an interstate highway or a sidewalk.

(4)       At a speed greater than twenty-five miles per hour. 


Protective gear required for motorized bicycles

A person less than eighteen years of age who operates or rides a motorized bicycle on a street or highway shall do the following:

(1)       Wear protective headgear meeting the minimum standards set by the license bureau or a helmet that meets the standards established by the United States Department of Transportation. They must also wear protective glasses, goggles, or a transparent face shield.


For those that engage in the sale of these vehicles to the general public, not only could civil liability come into question, but one could be cited under Indiana's "Permitting a Violation" statute for allowing someone to ride off of their lot without the proper registration or license (motorcycle endorsement) to do so legally.

Troopers from the Indiana State Police Post in Fort Wayne would like to remind the riders of mopeds, electric scooters, or motorized bicycles to use extra caution and common sense. Riders should also remember that traffic laws pertaining to motor vehicles also apply to these motorized devices.  

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