For immediate release: May 11, 2009
Posted by: [DNR]
Contact: Ginger Murphy
Phone: (317) 232-4143

Monroe Lake, Brown County State Park firewood alert

The DNR Division of State Parks and Reservoirs needs campers' help keeping Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), an invasive insect that attacks ash trees, out of Brown County State Park and Monroe Lake.

Restricting firewood brought through the gate is the best way to prevent the spread of the insect, which has killed thousands of ash trees in Michigan, Ohio, northeastern Indiana and several other states. EAB has been found in Monroe and Brown counties, but not within the property boundaries of their two most popular, heavily treed tourist attractions.
To help keep EAB away and preserve the shade, campers at Monroe Lake or Brown County State Park should not bring hardwood firewood with them from Monroe County, Brown County or any other Indiana county with under EAB quarantine. Such firewood will not be allowed in any Indiana state park, reservoir or state forest campground. An interactive map showing quarantined Indiana counties is at

Visitors from quarantined counties (including Monroe and Brown counties), should not bring any hardwood firewood from home, because management will confiscate that firewood as a precaution. Visitors may bring pine or scrap, kiln-dried lumber, or firewood that has a federal certification label or a state-compliance agreement label, or may purchase firewood after entering the property.

Under a federal quarantine, no firewood may be brought into Indiana from Michigan, Ohio or Illinois, or from parts of Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia. A map of federal quarantine locations is at

One-year state compliance agreements can be issued to firewood vendors after an inspection. Firewood vendors in Brown or Monroe counties who would like to obtain a state compliance agreement, which will allow sales to campers of firewood to take in to state parks or reservoirs should contact the DNR Division of Entomology at (317) 232-4120.
State compliance agreements are issued only to firewood vendors, not individual campers. State compliance agreements do not authorize firewood vendors to sell wood inside a state park or reservoir.


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