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Daniels: summer program to hire 2,000 young adults

INDIANAPOLIS (March 31, 2009) - Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels today announced the state will hire 2,000 young adults to spend this summer and next improving Indiana's parks, trails and natural habitats. The program, called the Young Hoosiers Conservation Corps, will use federal stimulus funds designated for employment and training of people 16 to 24 years old.  

"Our template for stimulus funds is jobs, speed and lasting value. This program puts young people to work, does it quickly, and adds the best kind of enduring legacy in the enhanced natural beauty of Indiana," said Daniels.

The jobs will pay $8.50 per hour. According to federal requirements, the jobs will be for Hoosiers who are 24 years old or younger and whose family incomes are at or below the poverty level (approximately $23,000 for a family of four). The positions will begin no earlier than May 1 and end no later than September 30, 2009. The state will place a top priority on hiring veterans and those currently receiving unemployment benefits who meet the program's age and income eligibility requirements.

The 2,000 jobs include projects such as restoring natural wildlife habitats, building trails, beautifying Department of Natural Resources (DNR) properties, and rehabilitating historic buildings at about 100 DNR sites, including state parks, reservoirs, recreation areas, state forests, nature preserves, and state historic sites. All federal dollars will go into the young workers' paychecks; the DNR will use funds already budgeted for any needed materials.

The Department of Workforce Development and DNR will oversee the program. Job applications are being accepted immediately online at

The state will receive federal stimulus funds totaling about $24 million through the Workforce Investment Act to hire workers. This is a 91-county program.  Under federal law, Marion County qualifies for $3 million of the total $24 million based on its population.  Provided the program proves effective, the program will be renewed in 2010.

Young Hoosiers Conservation Corps Facts

Project examples

A map of Indiana DNR properties that will be part of the Young Hoosiers Conservation Corps program can be found at this address:

Audio from today's announcement can be found at this address:

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