For immediate release: Mar 20, 2009
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Governor outlines state's stimulus energy conservation plan

INDIANAPOLIS (March 20, 2009) - Governor Mitch Daniels today said the state's plan to use nearly $132 million in federal stimulus funding for energy conservation efforts that are 11 times the current annual program will be submitted to the federal government in the next few days.

"In using federal stimulus dollars, our template is speed, jobs, and lasting value.  In the conservation context, that means helping as many low-income Hoosiers as fast as possible while permanently reducing state energy consumption by the equivalent of one small power plant every 10 years," said Daniels.

Here are the features of the state's plan:




Program and participation

Transparency and oversight

Audio from today's media availability can be found at this address:

For updated information regarding Indiana's use of federal stimulus funds, please visit:


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