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INDOT Announces 27 Projects for Potential Stimulus Funding

$44.5 Million in Projects Should Create Jobs in 24 Counties

INDIANAPOLIS-The Indiana Department of Transportation has moved quickly to identify 27 projects valued at $44.5 million that may be paid for through federal stimulus package funds.  The projects are located in 24 Hoosier counties, and they represent a variety of work.

"Gov. Mitch Daniels has stressed to INDOT that it is imperative to fund projects that will put people to work quickly, and these projects will do that," said Karl B. Browning, commissioner -INDOT.  "These projects have passed scrutiny by the Federal Highway Administration, and they are the closest to being ready for construction."

Through the Build Indiana Council, the construction industry told the department that they would put the most people to work if INDOT provides geographic diversity, maintains competitively sized bid packages, and provides a diversity of different types of work.  Browning said this first group of projects does that. 

Funding for these jobs depends on approval of the economic recovery act by Congress.  One of the requirements of the proposed legislation is that projects need to be shovel ready within at least 90 to 180 days, depending on which version is approved by Congress.

These first stimulus-related projects are being advertised today (Friday, Feb. 6) for bids by contractors. The bids will be opened on Friday, Feb. 27.  They will be awarded on a lowest-bid basis. 

There will be additional bid awards for potential stimulus projects announced at a later date.

(A list of these first projects is below.)

Special Stimulus Letting for Feb 27   Advertised List Feb 6. 2009
Location Work Type County
SR 356 - Bridge over Town Creek, 0.34 mile E of SR 203 Curve Correction Bridge Replacement Scott      
SR 56 -  Bridge over Laughery Creek, 2.64 miles W of US 50 Bridge Deck Replacement & Widening Ohio       
I-69 -Bridges over I-69 on Hursh Rd., CR 60 & CR 68 in Allen County Bridge Deck Overlay Dekalb
US 421-  Bridge over Little Monon Creek, 1 m S of SR 16 Bridge Deck Replacement White      
US 40 -  Bridge over White Lick Creek, 0.39 mile W of SR 267 Bridge Deck Replacement Hendricks  
SR 341 - Bridge over I-74, 0.87 miles N of US 136 Bridge Deck Replacement & Widening Fountain   
SR 331 - Over Madison Township Ditch, 5.6 miles S of US 20 Small Structure, Replacement St. Joseph 
US 231-  2.87 miles S of the S jct with SR 32 Small Structure Replacement Montgomery 
US 52 -  From 0.72 mi W of SR 352 to US 231 (W jct) Asphalt Overlay, Preventive Maintenance Benton     
I  65 -  From 0.2 miles N of US 52 to 5.86 miles S of SR 28 Asphalt Overlay, Preventive Maintenance Boone      
US 31 -  4.11 N SR-250  Concrete Pavement Patching Jackson    
US 50 - From SR 37 N jct To "E" St In Bedford Asphalt Overlay, Preventive Maintenance Lawrence   
SR 246 -  From E jct SR 159 to SR 157 Asphalt Overlay, Preventive Maintenance Various    
SR 3  -  From 1.54 miles S of SR 28 to 10.96 miles N of SR 28(Ritter Rd) Hartford City Surface Treatment, Preventive Maintenance Delaware   
SR 48 -  W of Curry Pike to SR-37 Asphalt Overlay, Preventive Maintenance Monroe     
US 31   SR-56 to SR-250 Asphalt Overlay, Preventive Maintenance Various    
US 24   US 24, from N Jct. US 35 to S Jct. US 35, continuing on SR 29 to Burlington Ave. Asphalt Overlay, Preventive Maintenance Cass       
SR 56   District Line to Highland Creek Bridge Asphalt Overlay, Preventive Maintenance Washington 
US 35   From SR 14 to SR 10 Asphalt Overlay, Preventive Maintenance Pulaski    
SR 149  From Industrial Blvd to US 20 Asphalt Overlay, Preventive Maintenance Porter     
SR 58   N jct with SR 67 to SR 57 Asphalt Overlay, Preventive Maintenance Various    
SR 61   0.81 mile N of SR 62 to 0.02 mile S of SR 68 Asphalt Overlay, Preventive Maintenance Warrick    
SR 15 3.02 miles S of US30(Kincaid St) to 2.02 miles S of US 30(Markets St) Asphalt Overlay, Preventive Maintenance Kosciusko
Various locations on SR 9 N & S of SR 8 and on SR 8 from SR 9 in Albion  Asphalt Overlay, Preventive Maintenance Various    
SR 37   1.32 miles S of SR 60 S jct to 0.97 miles N of SR 60 N jct Concrete Pavement Cleaning and Sealing Joints Lawrence   
SR 43   From 1.93 mi N of I-65 NBL to 0.60 mi S of SR 18 (Moots Creek Bridge) Surface Treatment, Microsurface White      
US 24 from 0.74 miles east of SR 114 to 0.54 miles west of I-69 Surface Treatment, Microsurface Allen
TOTAL $44.5 million (cost estimate)





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