For immediate release: Nov 26, 2008
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I-65 and I-80/94 interchange open to traffic - access between I-65 and I-90 (the Indiana Toll Road) also is now fully open

Only minor lane restrictions will continue with shoulder work

LAKE COUNTY, Ind. - The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) announces I-65 north of I-80/94 (the Frank Borman Expressway) and all the ramps at the interchange of I-65 and I-80/94 are open to traffic. They were all open as of 10:45 p.m. Nov. 25.

The closures began in March 2008 in order to reconstruct the I-65 bridges over I-80/94 and ramps at the interchange. New features include a flyover ramp from westbound I-80/94 to southbound I-65, new entrance and exit ramp configurations at Ridge Road and wider entrances at the ramps with higher traffic volumes: eastbound Borman to southbound I-65 and northbound I-65 to westbound Borman. The improvements will result in less merging of traffic and an improved traffic flow.

Minor lane restrictions on I-65, I-80/94 and the interchange ramps will occur during shoulder work, but the interchange will remain open. This marks the opening of traffic for the first two contracts of the Major Moves Interchange Modification. The third and final contract of the Interchange Modification will convert the Borman from six to 10 lanes between State Road 53 (Broadway) and Central Avenue. It is scheduled for completion in 2011.

Scheduled to begin once the weather allows, the final contract will begin widening work on the eastbound Borman lanes. That will include varying lane and ramp restrictions as work progresses. The second year of construction will focus on the westbound lanes.

For more information about the Interchange Modification, visit online.

Gov. Mitch Daniels' Major Moves transportation program capitalizes on Indiana's strategic location at the Crossroads of America by building a superior road infrastructure. When Major Moves is complete in 2015, nearly $12 billion in critical highway projects will have been built. This innovative plan will bring jobs to the Hoosier State and leave a legacy for Indiana to be a global leader in distribution and logistics.

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I-65 and I-80/94 interchange open to traffic - access between I-65 and I-90 (the Indiana Toll Road) also is now fully open Nov 26, 2008 content_id:A1E50278F7B243B8A3B76C5AB43EAB6A; type:press; agency:INDOT; showOnHomepage:Yes; sortDate:Nov 26, 2008; filterDate:200811; isBanner:no; agencyDivision:INDOT;11 - November;2008;Press Release;Show on Home