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State Department Of Health Fears Hoosiers Are Still Consuming Recalled Products

INDIANAPOLIS - Indiana state health officials are concerned Hoosiers are not heeding the warnings of the expanded canned food recall issued Saturday, July 21 related to botulism, a potentially deadly illness found in contaminated foods.


Two confirmed botulism cases in Indiana have been identified to be related to the canned food recall.  The Indiana State Health Department is currently investigating a third suspect case of botulism that may be related to the recall.  A fourth confirmed case of botulism has currently not been related to the recall.


The State Health Department is working with federal and local agencies to remove recalled canned goods from food establishments as unaware consumers continue to purchase the products nationwide. 

So far, the State Department of Health has reports that the following counties have discovered recalled products on their shelves: Adams, Boone, Clinton, Crawford, Daviess, Decatur, Delaware, Floyd, Howard, Jasper, Johnson, Knox, Madison, Marion, Marshall, Montgomery, Morgan, Newton, St. Joseph and Shelby 

"It is imperative that Hoosiers immediately throw away any recalled material in their cupboards," said State Health Commissioner Judy Monroe, M.D. "Botulism is serious and a life threatening disease."


The FDA says consumers should place recalled products in two plastic bags tightly sealed before placing in a non-recyclable trash receptacle outside of the home. If cans are swollen, bulging or leaking, gloves and eye protection are recommended before double-bagging and disposing of the cans.  Health officials recommend thoroughly washing both hands for at least two minutes after carefully removing and disposing the gloves.


The following is a list of multiple brands of chili, chili sauce, gravy, stews, hash, and BBQ pork that have been recalled (10, 14.5, 15 & 19 oz. sizes): 

1.      Austex

2.      Best Yet

3.      Big Y

4.      Black Rock

5.      Bloom

6.      Bryan

7.      Bunker Hill

8.      Castle

9.      Castleberry's

10.  Cattle Drive

11.  Firefighter


12.  Food Club

13.  Food Lion

14.  Georgia

15.  Goldstar

16.  Kroger

17.  Lowes

18.  Meijer

19.  Morton House

20.  Paramount

21.  Piggly Wiggly


22.  Prudence

23.  Southern Home

24.  Steak'N'Shake

25.  Thrifty Maid

26.  Triple Bar

27.   Value Time

      *Natural Balance   

       Dog Food


*Some varieties of Natural Balance Dog Food are also included. For more information on botulism and a complete list of the recalled products, go to


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