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Attention Social Workers Working to Accrue Clinical Experience and Supervision Hours Towards Clinical Social Work Licensure!

Effective immediately, and pursuant to Ind. Code 25-23.6-4-1, if you have an MSW degree and are working in a behavioral health and human services position (regardless of job title) you must be licensed.  Beginning January 1, 2017, you MUST either hold an active social work license, or apply for a clinical social work license and be approved by the Board to take the ASWB Clinical Examination prior to January 1, 2017 for any accrued clinical experience hours and supervision hours to count towards your clinical social work licensure. On January 1, 2017 if you do not have an active social work license and have been working towards accruing your clinical experience hours and supervision hours for clinical social work licensure, the hours you have accrued will not count toward the clinical social work license requirement and you will be required to obtain the social work license and begin accruing clinical hours and supervision hours toward the clinical social work license according to Ind. Code 25-23.6-5-3.5.  There are no exceptions to the licensure requirement except as outlined in Ind. Code 25-23.6-4-2.  Previous exceptions regarding date of graduation will no longer apply effective January 1, 2017.


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