Renewing the Nonresident Pharmacy Registration

  • Nonresident Pharmacy registrations expire December 31 of odd-numbered years. 
  • The pharmacy renewal fee is $200.
  • You may renewal online using MyLicense
  • For more information regarding the renewal process or to obtain a paper form please visit our renewal forms page.

Be prepared to provide the following with your online renewal:

  1. Nonresident pharmacy's DEA number, if applicable;
  2. Nonresident pharmacy's NCPDP number (previously known as the NABP number);
  3. Qualifying pharmacist's name and contact information; and
  4. Contact person responsible for receipt of information.

Documentation Requirements for VIPPS

As of January 1, 2009, a nonresident pharmacy that dispenses more than twenty-five percent (25%) of the pharmacy's total prescription volume as a result of an original prescription order received or solicited through the Internet must be accredited through the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy's (NABP) VIPPS program and shall obtain and display a seal of approval on their internet site and anywhere the pharmacy advertises.  If you are required to hold the VIPPS accreditation, you must submit a copy of this accreditation with your paper renewal application or, if renewing online, you may fax a copy to 317.233.4236 or by e-mail at


If you have questions, please e-mail the Board at